An open-source 3D racing game
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This is the unstable branch of HoverRace. The current stable branch is: 1.24

HoverRace is an online racing game originally written by Grokksoft in the mid-1990s. After Grokksoft stopped maintaining the game in the late 1990s, HoverRace was abandonware for a number of years before the original developer, Richard Langlois, opened up the source code to the public. Since then, development has been ongoing to bring HoverRace into the 21st century.


  • Fast, free, and fun!
  • Single-player and multiplayer (split-screen and internet).
  • Hundreds of user-created tracks available for download.


HoverRace currently runs on Windows (7 or later) and modern Linux distributions. Other platforms including mobile may be supported in the future.


Download and play the latest release:

Project hosted at GitHub:

Source documentation:

HoverRace wiki: