VerifyTooltip( FN, ExpVal )

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VerifyTooltip( FN, ExpVal )

Keyword verifies the tooltip of a GUI-Object.

In the keyword VerifyTooltip( FN, ExpVal ) are

  • no wildcards and
  • no regular expression



Parameter Description
FN Functionalname of the GUI-Object
ExpVal Expected value.

Reserved ExpVal OKW-parameter

OKW-parameter Description
"" and ${IGNORE} Don´t execute the keyword. Interesting for data-driven testing
See List of OKW Constants...
${EMPTY} The Expected value is empty ( = "" )
See List of OKW Constants...
${_ENV_} Expected value is empty or ""
${_MEMKEY_} OKW Parser substitutes with the Value memorized to Key "MEMKEY"


Default Usage

  1. EN.SelectWindow( "Login" ) - Set context to the Window Login with the ChildObject you want to verify.
  2. EN.VerifyTooltip( "User", "Zoltan" ) - then Verify the GUI-Object with the FN = "User"

Verify the empty Tooltip of a GUI-object

  1. EN.VerifyValue( "User", "${EMPTY}" ) - The expected value of the Tooltip is empty (= "")

Ignore execution of Keyword

There are two ways to ignore a Keyword: Set the Parameter ExpVal = "${IGNORE}" or simply ""

  1. EN.SelectWindow( "Login" )
  2. EN.VerifyTooltip( "User", "" ) - This ignores the execution of GUI-Object FN = "User"
  3. EN.VerifyTooltip( "Passwd", "${IGNORE}" ) - The other way to ignore

Enviroment Variables

On Windowssystems the Enviroment variable USERNAME returns the name of the user who is currently logged on. OKW resolves the Enviroment variable ${USERNAME} to the currently logged on username and uses this as expected value (ExpVal).

  1. EN.SelectWindow( "Login" )
  2. EN.VerifyTooltip( "User", "${USERNAME}" ) - Matches the Tooltip of the GUI-Object FN = "User" with the current logged on username?

Late Bound Function Call

Keyword <-> Called GUI-Adapter Method
EN.VerifyTooltip( FN, ExpVal ) <-> public ArrayList<String> VerifyTooltip( )
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