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IOTA Developer Lab

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The IOTA Developer Lab is a side-project of the project IOTA Developer Essentials:

  • IOTA Developer Essentials provides a Python-based content focused on IOTA protocol
  • IOTA Developer Lab provides infrastructure services that adapt Python-based content also to other languages and should also provide an interactive environment for anybody who would like to get a realtime experience with the code. You can play with all code snippets directly in your web browser regardless used programming language - that's the main goal of the project.

The following dev stacks are directly or indirectly supported at the moment:

  • Python
  • NodeJS IOTA Developer Lab Chart

Viewing and running code snippets

GitHub Gist

All standalone code snippets are also maintained @ GitHub Gist. It enables you to fork them, comment them, share them, embed them and track all changes to them. See the action panel next to each code snippet.

GitHub Gist


Copies of the Jupyter notebooks are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Notebooks:

Azure Notebooks

It is recommended that you use the notebooks via the above link if you would like to have an interactive experience. For the best experience, 'clone' the library to use the notebooks in the interactive mode. It is a ready-made Python environment including all IOTA-facing libraries. All snippets are tested with it.


Unfortunatelly, there is not ready-made NodeJS interactive environment for the public use as of now. If you are interested in running examples on your own you can leverage Jupyter Notebook technology and ijavascript component by Nicolas Riesco. It is exactly the same environment that is also used while crafting NodeJS-related codebase for IOTA Developer Lab. All snippets are tested with it.

Needless to say, we are trying to find some IOTA supporters that would help us in getting a dedicated non-managed virtual machine for the public use.