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###About This python program is the simulation of popular game 'Game of Life' by 1970 British Mathematician John Conway
The game mimics the chaotic yet patterned growth of a colony of biological organisms
The "game" takes place on a two-dimensional grid consisting of "living" and "dead" cells, and the rules to step from generation to generation are simple:

  • Overpopulation: if a living cell is surrounded by more than three living cells, it dies.
  • Stasis: if a living cell is surrounded by two or three living cells, it survives.
  • Underpopulation: if a living cell is surrounded by fewer than two living cells, it dies.
  • Reproduction: if a dead cell is surrounded by exactly three cells, it becomes a live cell.

More on Wikipedia

##Usage To use the program, go to the Game-of-Life directory and in terminal run the using following command:

##Patterns The program supports popular patterns
To uses them, just change the pattern variable in file to one of the following patterns:

  • random
  • glider
  • glider_gun
  • diehard
  • boat
  • r_pentomino
  • beacon
  • acorn
  • spaceship
  • block_switch_engine
  • pulsar
  • blinker
  • toad

For example, if you want to use glider pattern, change pattern variable from:
pattern = patterns.random
pattern = patterns.glider