Simple Cricket Game to learn JavaScript
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  • This is a game of Hand Cricket that is played against a computer opponent.
  • A computer opponent will be playing against the user.
  • The user will get to choose his number between 1-6 which he wants to place against the opponent's number which is randomly generated.


  • Fork this project to your GitHub account.
  • After forking, enter the following commands in your terminal.
$ git clone
$ cd HandCricket

Next should be fairly simple to follow.

##Usage This is primarily built as a recreational tool for students.


  • The repository is open to contribution from all interested developers. Kindly send us Pull Requests with explanation as to what changes you have done.
  • Also, you can write to us by opening an Issue and also solve a current issue if possible.
  • A detailed explanantion of how we came to building this software is maintained at the Wiki page.
  • This repository was created by @salman-bhai.


##Versions Of the Application


  • A single game of HandCricket will be played with one innings and one wicket per team.