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Airhug web extention



Airhug is an Open source project, that aims to exercise a new culture of internet consumption. Airhug extension allows to send "hug", which is a new generation "like", backed up by a customizable sum of money ( from $0.1 up to $100). The "hug" icon is integrated into all supported social networks near by the "like" icon. Hug allows you to send donations for digital content in one click.

In addition to social networks, a button can be set by any sites, blogs, and so on. Just insert a piece of code into your web page and start getting "hugs".

🌀 Currently in development, functionality is partly unavailable. Backend: Airhug server part

For whom


"Hug" allows narrow-minded and growing bloggers to start earning money without advertising integrations.

For professional bloggers "hug" is an opportunity to get real money feedback from audience and become more independent.

Bloggers can also customize their profile so that all of their "hugs" are immediately redirected to a charity fund. This can be done anonymously.

A small part of the commission from all bloggers transactions is credited to the accounts of charity organizations.

Crowdfunders & Charity

It has become easier now to collect a large amount of money for treating a dog or starting a business: the philanthropist does not need to spend time entering his details into a special form.

Charity transfers are free of charge.


1. Sign up in the web extension. An account in the Stellar network will be automatically linked to your Airhug account.


2. Log in through the social networks that you most often use. This is necessary in order to accurately identify you as the content-maker. Then you can add new social networks, all of them will be linked to your Airhug account.


3.Fill your balance. During the test period, we will issue funds in the test network, so the money will be credited to you automatically. Next, set up the amount of one "hug" and start hugging!


4. The hug icon appears in the social networks through which you logged in. Click on the 'hug' and money will be immediately sent to another user/charity/crowdfunder.


5.You can always see who and when sent you "hugs". Transaction contains philanthropists contact details, so you can easily get in touch. Though every user have an option to send "hugs" anonymously.


6. Track the dynamics of your balances with different interactive charts.


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