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Java Makefile
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ReadMe			This file.
Makefile		A makefile (for gmake) that will compile your
			files and run tests.  You must turn in a Makefile,
			'gmake ' must compile all your files, and 
			'gmake check' must perform all your tests.  
			Currently, this makefile is set up to do just 
			that with our skeleton files.  Be sure to keep 
			it up to date.

loa/			Directory containing the Lines of Action package.

    Makefile		A convenience Makefile so that you can issue 
			compilation commands from the game directory.	 	An enumerated type describing the kinds of pieces.		Represents a single move.      Represents a direction (north, south, etc.) on a
                        board.	        Represents a game board.  Contains much of the
			machinery for checking or generating possible moves.	A kind of Player that reads moves from the standard
                        input (i.e., presumably from a human player).  A kind of Player that chooses its moves automatically.       A utility class for handling debugging output.       Class that performs unit testing of the loa package.


    Makefile            Directions for testing.

    *.in	        Test cases.  Each one is input to a testing script

    *.out		Correct output from some test cases, containing
    			dumps of the board and win messages.
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