🤖 Geetest3 Distributed Cracking Platform 极验3代分布式破解平台
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Geetest3 Distributed Cracking Platform


This platform works by transferring Geetest3 validation on websites to distributed workers which simulate human and auto-complete the process.

A user requests a captcha from a website and submit it to the server, then the cracking task will be randomly assigned to an online worker. The worker will perform sliding puzzle automatically and pass the 2-step verification data back to the user. Post the 2FA data to the website and the validation flow is completed.

Learn more about Geetest Networking Sequence



Quick Start

  1. Clone or download this repository

  2. Install Chrome and ChromeDriver, make sure they can be found in PATH variable

  3. Use pip to install requirements

python3.6 -m pip install -U flask gevent pillow requests selenium toml
  1. Launch run.py to test the platform
python3.6 run.py

More configuration can be modified in config.toml


Use GET method to access API, and the return data is in JSON format



  • gt

  • challenge

  • success (Optional, default value is 1)


  • Success
{'code': 0, 'message': 'success', 'challenge': 'dbd7e4f6318d3338f9e698875ecc3a5637', 'validate': 'f5d49c5f0a0f5a9dd8a65aef3416737a', 'seccode': 'f5d49c5f0a0f5a9dd8a65aef3416737a|jordan'}
  • Invalid parameter
{'code': -1, 'message': 'invalid parameter'}
  • Error
{'code': -2, 'message': 'error'}
  • Timeout
{'code': -3, 'message': 'timeout'}





{'code': 0, 'workers': 1, 'pending': 0, 'doing': 1, 'done': 39}

Refer to api.py and test.py for more examples


The project is for study and technical communication only, do not use it for illegal purposes!

I don't take any responsibility if legal dispute occurs.


Geetest3 Distributed Cracking Platform is under The Star And Thank Author License (SATA)

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