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Four-rotor autonomous aircraft detecting and tracking system.
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NUEDC is the abbreviation for National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest(全国大学生电子设计竞赛).


NUEDC 2017, Problem C: PDF document
You can also go to Renesas university program of NUEDC for rules of other problems and information in the early years.


  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • USB/CSI Camera with a wide-angle lens
  • Quadcopter which can get commands using serial port


  • Raspbian Jessie(2017-07-05)
  • Python 2.7


  • numpy
  • python-opencv
  • raspberry-gpio-python
  • pyserial

Note that by default Raspberry Pi 3B will use its on-board bluetooth module as the primary serial device, you can follow this tutorial to fix this.

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