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An application for online backup using Rackspace Cloud Files service
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An application to synchronize local directories with a Rackspace Cloud Files container.
This application allows you to backup up your files remotely and if needed at a later point restore the files.
Currently the code is divided into 2 parts. The base code which takes care of the backing up, restoring, application directory setup etc.
The other part is the GUI. The GUI uses the base code but all functionality is based in the base code. This will allow for easier creation of other GUI's or commandline programs.

So far all code is being tested on Windows 7 but should work without problems on Windows XP, Vista and Linux as well.


To build the application you need rackspacecloudfiles.mod which you can get from You'll also need rest.mod which you can get from
You also need volumes.mod which is available from
To build the GUI MaxGUI is required. This module is now free but can be downlaoded from or
Logic Gui 5.1 ( is used to build the GUI/


This software is licensed under the Modified BSD License. Please see the LICENSE file.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the
OpenSSL Toolkit (

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