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This is a simple forum software created so I could learn rails.

It currently supports an interface for creating and managing forums for the admin and 5 power levels, 3 being the highest and -1 being the lowest, 3 acting as admin and -1 acting as a banned user (will probably add more negatives to allow for different levels of banned). Currently, power level can only be set by manually messing with the database, but that will change once I add controls to users for admins.

To use:

Required software:

  • Ruby (and gem)
  • Rails
  • Some server to host your files (I use apache with the passenger mod, but you can set it up however you want)
  • MySQL

First, install Ruby either through your package manager or build from source on linux, get an installer on windows or mac.

Install rails using gem

Set up your server to take rails (this step depends on the server you are using, with apache you need to install passenger and run the apache-passenger installer, there are directions online for this step)

Change to the directory where you will host this forum and clone the repository (git clone

After the repository is cloned, enter the directory and run rails exec bundle install to install all the required gems

Run rake db:create

Run rake db:migrate

The "main forum" is created by running: rake db:init_forum[forumname, forumdescription, adminusername, adminemail, adminpassword]

  • forumname: This is the name of your forum, it is displayed at the top of every page
  • forumdescription: This is the description of your forum, it is displayed below the forum name
  • adminusername: Username of the admin user
  • adminemail: Email for the admin user
  • adminpassword: Password for the admin user

For instance, if you were to run: rake db:init_forum["HuFlungDu's forum of awesome", "An awesome forum", "HuFlungDu", "", "foobar"]

it would create a forum called "HuFlungDu's forum of awesome" with a description "An awesome forum". It would also create the user "HuFlungDu" with the given email and password who would be given admin powers. After this, everything else can be handled within the forum software itself, via the admin panel provided through the forum.


Forum software created using Ruby on Rails, for the sake of learning such.






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