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How to create a support ticket for Azure billing and subscription issues

This article provides the information you will need to open a ticket with Azure Support.

[AZURE.NOTE]Only the Azure account administrator has permission to access the Account Center.

  1. Go to the Azure Support web site and click Get Support. You can also submit an incident from the Microsoft Azure portal or from the Azure Accounts Center.
  • To submit a support ticket from the Azure portal, click your account name, and then click Contact Microsoft Support.
  • To submit a support ticket from the Azure Account Center, select a subscription, and then click Contact Microsoft Support.
  1. In the Create Support Ticket window, select the subscription for which you want to migrate data and services.

  2. For Support Type, choose Billing.

  3. Select your region and language, and then click Create Ticket.

  4. On the next page, for Problem Type, select My Subscription is Displayed as Disabled. If you need assistance with submitting your support ticket, click Chat with customer service to initiate a live conversation with a customer service representative.

  5. Confirm your contact information, provide a telephone number at which you can be reached, and then click Continue.

  6. On the next page, provide the following information:

  • For Problem Details, provide an incident title for your request and then use the text boxes provide required information and to include any additional information about your request.
  • For Determine Severity, choose an option that represents the severity of your request. For more information about the severity types, refer to the Microsoft Azure Incident Severity Table.
  • Use the File Upload tool to attach related documentation to your request.
  1. If you accept the Agreement for Microsoft Services, click Submit.

You will be contacted by an Azure Support representative in accordance with the terms of the agreement.