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Awesome Quantum Games

This list is inspired by awesome lists, but not intended to be awesome, but trying to be as complete as possible.

What are quantum games?

The definition of quantum games for this list is rather broad. Any game that have major component of quantum mechanics is a quantum game.

The games are listed in choronological order but not strictly. (Games listed under the same year but above are not necesarily released earlier than the games listed below.)


Universe Splitter - An app that uses a Quantis quantum device certified by the National Metrology Institute of Switzerland to split a single photon and use the many-worlds principle of quantum physics to help you make decisions. (by Eric Daniels)


Quantum Moves - An online citizen science simulation video game where players move quantum atoms. (by ScienceAtHome)


qCraft - A Minecraft mod that brings the principles of quantum physics to the world of Minecraft. (by Daniel Ratcliffe, Play Habit)


Quantum Cats - The Quantum Cats are on a mission to rescue the kittens. But we need your help! Using the weird and spooky laws of quantum mechanics, help the Quantum Cats save the kittens. (by Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo)

Quantum Dreams - Based on the gameplay of the first ScienceAtHome game Quantum Moves. The dreamland was created to put the original game in motion and spark a sense of flow. Go with the flow and dream the quantum dream! (by ScienceAtHome)

Quantum Chess - Dive into the strange world of quantum mechanics in the game of Quantum Chess, the game you saw in Caltech IQIM's "Anyone Can Quantum" where Paul Rudd beat Stephen Hawking. (by Christopher Cantwell)


Quantum Carnival - Deep in the heart of scientific progress, a group of physicists have set up a seemingly out-of-place experiment: a colorful tent, hooked up to heavy equipment. You are invited to play for a while and not worry too much about the sound of data being recorded. (by ScienceAtHome)

Quantum Minds - Quantum Minds studies the human learning process as a player encounters gamified quantum physics problems. How do people solve the quantum challenge with little or no training in physics? Play Quantum Minds to help us answer this question! (by ScienceAtHome)


Quantum Game with Photons - A puzzle game with photons, superposition and quantum measurement, right in your browser. With true quantum mechanics underneath! (by Piotr Migdał, Patryk Hes and Michał Krupiński)

CatBoxScissors - A quantum version of rock/paper/scissors. Claimed to be the first ever game that can be played on a real quantum computer. (by James Wootton)

Quantum Battleships - Like normal Battleships, but simpler and more complex at the same time. Claimed to be the first multiplayer game for quantum computers. (by James Wootton)

Quantum Solitare - This game gives you a taste of the world of quantum information, using cards that follow the rules of quantum mechanics. The cards are dealt on an actual real-life quantum computer, sitting in an IBM lab. (by James Wootton)

Quantum tic-tac-toe - The non-deterministic version of Tic Tac Toe, where you make two entangled quantum moves each turn that eventually collapse into a classical move. (by Rohan Pandit)

Hunt the Wumpus - A prototype of a 'Hunt the Wumpus' like game. Explore a lab and find two quantum creatures called Alice and Bob. Defeat them by using their quantum nature against them. (by James Wootton)

Battleships with partial NOT gates - The name explains everything. (by James Wootton)

Battleships with complementary measurements - As usual, the title explains everything. (by James Wootton)

Quantum Awesomeness - Using a simple puzzle game to benchmark quantum computers. (by James Wootton)

Duel of the Numbers - Two random numbers are generated and the player must make with their fingers the sum mod 5 of said generated numbers. Neuromorphic hardware detects the number of digits via a convolutional neural network. This is checked via generating the answer via quantum computing. After one player plays a round, the next player is up, and the game continues. (by John Berroa)


Hunt the Quantpus - A text-based dungeon crawler, based on the classic game ‘Hunt the Wumpus’. (by James Wootton)

A Link to Quantum - A collection of mini video-games that run on a quantum computer inspired by retro classics such as Zelda and Block-Out. (by James Wootton, Jonathan DuBois, M. Sohaib Alam)

Hello Quantum - A puzzle game designed to teach introductory principles of quantum computing. (by James Wootton, Gregory Boland, Ivan Duran, Anna Obikane, Amanda Shearon, Hyun)

Quantum Cat-sweeper - A super simple game loosely based on Minesweeper Flags. (by Desiree Vogt-Lee, Kendrick Tan)

Decodoku - A quantum puzzle game about quantum error correction (by James Wootton)

Quantum Shooter - A variant of Quantum Moves that is a shooter game inspired by games like Crimsonland. (by ScienceAtHome)


Quantum Wheel game jam

Qubit the Barbarian - You are Qubit the Barbarian on a quest in the Quantum maze. On your quest you navigate through the mysterious changing labyrinth fighting enemies and looking for food to stay alive. (by Henri Sarasvirta, Petri Sarasvirta, Teemu Kivikangas, Henri Lyyra, Leevi Leppäjärvi, Elie Abraham)

Q|Cards⟩ - A quantum card game. (by Oskari Kerppo, Jorden Senior, Sabrina Maniscallo, Guillermo Garcia-Perez, Samuli Jääskeläinen, Sylvia Smatanova, Krista Erkkilä, Elie Abraham)

Quantum Socket - Quantum Socket is a game where you try to insert a USB cable the "right" way into a USB socket. (by Jere Sanisalo, Antti Svenn, Jaakko Iisalo)

- Hamsterwave is a game where you use the quantum black box to move the hamster. (by Elie Abraham, Bjorn Lindholm, Sebastian Laitila, Thekids Laitila, Sun Park, Laura Piispanen, Julia Rassa, Igor Sokolov, Sabrina Maniscalco)

Schrödinger's Livingroom - All the stuff in Erwin Schrödinger's living room is |dead>+|alive> simultaneously! (by Adelina Lintuluoto, Daria Anttila, Matt Bengston, Sabine Harrer, Simon Nielsen, Reetu Kontio, Vasili Sevriuk)

Quantum Fruit - A game about quantum black box. (by Jaakko Sirén, Arvi Teikari, Rosanna Micieli, Nicola Lo Gullo)

SneaQysnake - A strange adventure of the snake in the "quantum world". (by Vasilii Sevriuk, Ivan Yamshchikov)

Quantum Cabaret - Play through the Jazzy Noir story by changing colors in the scenes. (by Lassi Vapaakallio, Elie Abraham, Olli Harjola, Nadiia Honcharuk, Noora Heiskanen, Roxanne Brooke, Henri Niva, Matteo Rossi)

Qubit Gardener - Relaxing gardening simulator using quantum computing. (by Pekka Kujansuu, Jaakko Iisalo)

QSpell - Magician fights noise with hands. (by Victor Minin, Boris Sokolov, Walter Talarico)

Qiskit Camp 2019

QPong - A quantum version of the classic video game Pong. (by Huang Junye, Jarrod Reilly, Anastasia Jeffery, James Weaver)

FlappyQat - A quantum version of Flappy Bird (by Łukasz Herok, Nick Kasten, Jessica Kane, Dolph Mathews, ...)

Qiskit Hackathon Madrid

Qonway Game of Life - A quantum version of Convay's Game of Life. (by Xiang Nan Wu, Enrique de la Torre, Daniel Bultrini)

Qiskit Camp Europe

Q-Snakers - A quantum-based version of the game snake on a PewPew device. (by Lisa Tse, Eduardo Gonzalez, Harold Co, Jona Buehler, Jan Li)

Q Rogues - A rogue-like game where gameplay elements are procedurally generated by quantum circuits on which the user has some influence. (by Gilad Pollack, ...)

Dr. Qubit - An educational game based on Qiskit and focused on arcade machines, A quantum approach of the Doctor Mario. (by Yaiza García Martín-Mantero, Vicente Pina Canelles, ..)

Frozen Q - A quantum game inspired by the classic Frozen Bubbles game (by Aurél Gábris, Alexandra Pinto, Manné Díaz, ...)

Quantum Hold’em - A two-player “card” game designed to develop an intuition about common operations on qubits. (by Daniel Bultrini, Xiangnan Wu, Ankur Magdum, Henrique Silverio, Martin Buchacek)

PewPew-Qube - An implementation of a quantum version of the Rubik’s cube on a PewPew device. (by Oscar Higgott, Radomir Dopieralski, ...)

Qiskit Hackathon @ Singapore

Qubit Tic Tac Toe - A quantum version of Tic Tac Toe. (by Too Hon Lin)

Piano Blochs - A quantum harmonic osu!llator, a rhythm game based on popular existing titles such as osu! and Piano Tiles. (by John Khoo, McCoy Lim, Kong Lingda)

Quantum Futures Hackathon

Wolfiverse - Wolfiverse is a quantum story game where the player plays as a wolf traversing in a multiverse of three beloved wolf-related folktales: the little red riding hood, the boy who cried the wolf and the three little pigs. (by Aurélien Da Campo, Diogo Cunha, Huang Junye, Omar Costa Hamido, Sameed Muhammad, Yishan Qin)

Qiskit Camp Asia

Quantum Duel - Be the fastest of the Quantum West. (by Eduardo Gonzalez, Yohei Wakabayashi, Kaito Kishi, Unchalisa Taetragoo)

QQQ! - An educational quantum game. (by ...)

MinQuan - A fill-in-the-blank quiz game. (by ...)

Quantum Othello - A quantum version of Othello. (by Ryosuke Satoh, ...)

CSS Qiskit Hackathon

QTetris - A quantum version of Tetris. (by ...)

Qiskit Camp Africa

Qat the Cat - Move Qat the Cat around a grid map, from its initial position to a given final position. (by Nandi Bau, Siddarth Singh, Dimpho Majatladi, Vicente Pina Canelles)

IBM Q Award 2019

Quantum Gate Quest - A classic 2D dungeon crawler whose puzzles are powered by IBM's quantum technology! (by Nick Bartzokas)

Schrodinger's Cat - A cool game that is ment to teach you about quantum superposition and quantum gates in a fun way. (by Sorin Bolos)

Xmas Battle - Complete with Santa Qlaus to load the sleigh with as many gifts as possible. (by ...)

IBM Quantum Monster - Quantum version of the classic Lake Monster math puzzle. (by Joseph Nardone)

QuantumCheckers - A game of Checkers demonstrating Quantum Mechanical phenomenon. (by Kartikeya Rambhatla)


Tic Tac Q - Play TicTacToe against a quantum computer! (by Maddy Tod)

QPong-Unity - QPong ported to Unity for IBM Quantum Arcade Machine. (by Huang Junye, Gregory Boland, Ivan Duran)

QiskitBlocks - Quantum puzzles escape rooms in a Minecraft-like block word. (by James Weaver)

Quantum Moves 2 - A sequal to the ScienceAtHome flagship game Quantum Moves. Transferring atoms in the best possible way from a specified initial state to the desired target state within very short timescales (sub-milliseconds) in a quantum laboratory. (by ScienceAtHome)

Whack A Quantum Mole - A single-player game whose objective is to whack as many moles that pop up from the holes as possible. (by Too Hon Lin)

QWars - QWars is a shoot-em-up pygame using Qiskit as randomizer. (by Kevin Thomas)

QWiz - A game where you are a Quantum Wizard apprentice trying to make sense of the behaviour of an interesting liquid moving under the laws of quantum mechanics.


Quantum Odyssey - A single-player game to explore and understand the vastness of quantum computation in a fun and visual experience; 240 puzzles, 20 hours of gameplay & expertly crafted fun puzzles (by Quarks Interactive)

IndiQ Quantum Game Jam

Benji the Blob - Take your pet for a walk. Keep it well fed by leading it to food. Keep it away from ticks. The terrain is procedurally generated using Qiskit. (by James Wootton)

Agent Q - Learn how quantum error correction works, and get rid of those pesky quantum errors to keep our quantum state alive! (by Vicente Pina Canalles)

Keep Drogon Alive - On the surface, this game is a Game of Thrones theme, inverse space invader, Ikaruga-clone. Beneath the surface, it runs on a simulated quantum computer and demonstrate an important concept in quantum physics! (by Lidia Luna Puerta, Huang Junye)

QiskitBlocksPico - Qiskit Blocks ported to PICO-8. Quantum computing game in which the object will be to exit a series of escape rooms by solving quantum circuit puzzles. (by James Weaver)

QFishing - You are an extraterrestrial being who's hungry and needs to eat qubits to stay alive. Being the qubit connoisseur you are, you're picky about the specific state you want your qubits to be in. Your task, should you wish to survive, is to go "Quantum Fishing" and grab all the gates you require to cook yourself a nice qubit meal! (by Rana Pratap)



Quantum Grove - Welcome to Kvantti Kunj, where playful critters scamper about lush terrain, and a qubit controls what you see… Quantum Grove is an interactive art piece playable in the browser that functions as a lofi ambience for study, work, and relaxation. (by Radha Pyari Sandhir, Ella Toppari, Marcel Pfaffhauser, Tuure Saloheimo)


A (not really) complete list of quantum games






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