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Features covered in each CNI-Genie version:

Existing features

Feature 1: CNI-Genie "Multiple CNI Plugins"

Feature 2: CNI-Genie "Multiple IP Addresses"

  • Injects multiple IPs to a single container. The container is reachable using any of the multiple IP Addresses

Feature 3: CNI-Genie "Network Attachment Definition"

Feature 4: CNI-Genie "Smart CNI Plugin Selection"

Feature 5: CNI-Genie "Default Plugin Selection"

  • Support to set default plugin of user choice to be used for all the pods being created

Feature 6: CNI-Genie "Network Isolation"

  • Dedicated 'physical' network for a tenant
  • Isolated 'logical' networks for different tenants on a shared 'physical'network

Future features

Feature 7: CNI-Genie "Network Policy Engine"

Feature 8: CNI-Genie "Real-time Network Switching"

  • Price minimization: dynamically switching workload to a cheaper network as network prices change
  • Maximizing network utilization: dynamically switching workload to the less congested network at a threshold