HATDeX collection of data plugs for HAT
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HAT DataPlugs

HAT Data Plugs written in Scala/Play

DataPlugs in the HAT ecosystem are self-contained services that act between a service providing data and a HAT. This project provides reusable libraries and structures for building such DataPlugs as well as examples of already built ones.

The proposed implementation is built on the Scala/Play framework and contains a universal core component (dataplug subproject) for any DataPlug.

It also relies on convenience API wrappers served as HAT Library Artifacts:

  • hat-client-scala-play as a Scala wrapper around the HAT HTTP API
  • dex-client-scala-play as a Scala wrapper around the HATDeX MarketSquare HTTP API

DataPlug design

DataPlug Core implementation takes care of:

  1. HAT Login
  2. Social login (via "Silhouette") with common OAuth1/OAuth2 implementations provided and customisable
  3. Source Endpoint API subscription management
  4. Synchronisation scheduling and management using Akka Actors
  5. Basic UI views

How to build a new DataPlug

  1. Implement API endpoint interfaces (e.g. GoogleCalendarInfo)
  2. Strongly suggested but optional - implement Strongly-typed classes describing API data structures
  3. Tweak the way mapping is done between those structures and the HAT
  4. Override any implementations of existing UI views
  5. Tie everything together using Dependency Injection
  6. Provide application configuration and social network (data source) API credentials

You will also need to extend project build settings to include the new plug, please see /project/Build.scala for an example

How to run a DataPlug

The following configuration parameters need to be provided as environment variables:

  • APPLICATION_SECRET - application secret
  • MAILER_USER - mailer system username
  • MAILER_PASSWORD - mailer system password
  • HAT_USER - username of the dedicated dataplug account on HATs
  • HAT_PASSWORD - password of the dedicated dataplug account on HATs
  • MS_DATAPLUG_ID - dataplug ID on MarketSquare registry
  • MS_ACCESS_TOKEN - access token for MarketSquare
  • SERVICES_SECRET - shared secret for HATDeX's HAT services
  • DATABASE_URL - database URL
  • DATABASE_USER - database username
  • DATABASE_PASSWORD - database password
  • COOKIE_SIGNER_KEY - cookie signer key
  • CRYPTER_KEY - crypter key

Server configuration can be customised by adjusting parameters in conf/application.conf file. To run the project locally in the development mode the following settings might need changing:

  • auth.allowedResources - include server's domain name in the list
  • dexter.secure - boolean value to indicate if the connection to the HAT should be made securely over HTTPS
  • service.secure - boolean value to indicate if the server content is being served over secure connection (HTTPS)

Twitter-specific variables

  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY - Twitter app's consumer key
  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET - Twitter app's consumer secret

The databplug can be run locally by executing

sbt "project dataplug-{providerName}" -Dconfig.resource=application.dev.conf run


This code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. Please read the LICENSE.md file for further details.