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HAT client library for Scala with Play framework
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Scala API wrappers for the HAT

Current Version: 2.6.6-SNAPSHOT

This repository provides convenience wrappers around HAT HTTP APIs and contains the most up-to-date set of typesafe HAT Data Models and Play-JSON based serializers and deserializers for them.

It relies on Play-WS for an asynchronous HTTP client.


The library artifacts are hosted on AWS S3:

resolvers += "HAT Library Artifacts Releases" at ""
// Or for SNAPSHOTS:
// "HAT Library Artifacts Snapshots" at ""
libraryDependencies ++= "org.hatdex" %% "hat-client-scala-play" % 2.6.5

To use the client, it is sufficient to create a new one with minimal configuration:

new HatClient(wsClient, hatAddress, schema)


  • wsClient is an instance of the WS Client, ideally dependency-injected in most cases - check Play documentation for details
  • hatAddress is the fully-qualified domain name of the HAT (e.g.
  • schema is the schema of the address, can either be "http://" (only for development environments) or "https://" (the default if you omit the parameter)

The client is non-blocking and is built around standard Scala Futures. For example, to authenticate with a HAT and request data from it you would then run:

val hat = new HatClient(wsClient, hatAddress, schema)
for {
  accessToken <- hat.authenticateForToken(dataShopperUsername, dataShopperPassword)
  values <- hat.dataDebitValues(dataDebitId)
} yield values
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