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  • fix(content): fix the smap removed with the upgrade to asciidoctor 1.5.6. Fix HubPress/


  • fix(navigation): add GA in casper, change the url of the logo and replace gratipay with opencollective


  • feat(post): add a new preview with the target result with the template

  • feat(template): update casper to the last version

  • feat(settings): add navigation, a paypal and a opencollective entry

  • feat(page): add support of page

  • feat(blog): we can now specify a target directory for the pagination

  • fix(theme): fix the date in the theme ghostium

  • tech(pouchdb): remove pouchdb and use lokijs now

  • tech(nuxt): now hubpress use nuxt


  • fix(github): add a cached commit to avoid browser cache when getting the current commit of the branch - fix #496, #505, #515

  • fix(post): reset the number of elements to publish before each publish actions

  • fix(post): change the MathJax CDN and add the rendering of MathJax in the preview - fix #267


  • feat(startup): add a panel to define the username, the repositoryName, the branch and the CNAME before login

  • fix(tag): fix the tag generation by removing useless space with a trim

  • fix(theme): add the highlightjs css and upgrade to the last version, fix all themes to have a correct rendering

  • feat(theme): add a new (black) theme The Shell


  • fix(init): fix a typo when initiliazing with a element in localStorage for hubpress:sync

  • feat(chat): add the sidecar chat linked with


  • fix(rss): rss was not reseted when no post

  • fix(theme): report themes omitted during the release 0.7.1 :(


  • fix(theme): Error with http request (and not https) for included stylesheet HubPress/

  • fix(post): Problem to show all content of a blog post HubPress/

  • fix(theme): ld+json is null HubPress/


  • technical release, move from react/redux to vue/vuex

  • remove material design and use semanticUI now

  • feat(posts): add filter

  • feat(post): add a popup to display basic asciidoc syntax

  • feat(team): add a team page


  • feat(rss): add the generation of the RSS feed

  • feat(rss): uncomment RSS links in themes

  • feat(admin): add a link to check if an upgrade is available

  • fix(template): fix a bug with the pagination on gh-pages

  • fix(theme): fix the typo of the theme saga

  • fix(admin): add the version of the application and donation items


  • feat(author): now the author of a post is the author of the first commit of the post, in the next version we will add an attribute to specify the author explicitely,

  • feat(author): authors have now an author page with a list of all their posts,

  • feat(posts): you can now delete your delete a post with the Delete button in the three dots menu,

  • feat(posts): in the posts list, we have now a button to synchronize all the posts,

  • feat(editor): the default theme of the editor is Solarized, you can also switch between light and dark version with the light button in the toolbar,

  • feat(editor): hide save and publish button if the post do not have a title,

  • feat(asciidoc): include are now supported,

  • feat(asciidoc): add a gist macro to import code source from a gist file,

  • fix(themes): theme names are now in lowercase,

  • fix(post): fix, acronym title are now fixed

  • doc(guides): lot of rework in the Administration guide and Writer’s guide, first step in the gitbook world,

  • feat(tech): explode all the application in plugins,

  • feat(tech): use redux instead of a handcrafted implementation of Flux,

  • feat(tech): use PouchDB instead of Dexie.js,

  • feat(tech): use Asciidoctor 1.5.2


  • feat(gui): switch to material design with material-ui

  • fix(dependencies): update version of dependencies

  • fix(build): change all the build process

  • doc(README): update README from the branch development

  • doc(README): split README

  • feat(theme): add theme uno-zen

  • feat(theme): add theme ghostium


  • fix(excerpt): add a fix for CJK language

  • feat(authorization): #128 recreate token on login

  • fix(generator): add context

  • fix(PostsServices): fix deferred in _readContentAndConvert

  • doc(README): add a link for the video Updating HubPress


  • fix(README en): add information about hp-alt-title

  • fix(casper): fix overflow for .content

  • fix(settings): fix messages and loader after form is submitted

  • feat(compilation): added syntax highlighting

  • feat(title): added hp-alt-title parameter for an alternative blog post title

  • fix(theme): fix XX ago in DateTime-format

  • feat(editing): added configurable rendering delay setting in HubPress settings to reduce UI lag for fast typers

  • feat(tags): added tag generation

  • fix(notification): Sanitized all error messages with consistent info

  • fix(theme): removed protocol from theme url

  • doc(README): added README-es File


  • fix(sync): fixed error when no post

  • fix(https): report #99

  • fix(uno): fix pre overflow

  • fix(build): uglify app.js

  • fix(auth): use token after login

  • fix(theme): removed RSS links and fix uno bug on gh-pages

  • fix(SettingsStore): refactor getSiteUrl

  • fix(ajax-cache): Add timestamp for json files and version for hbs theme files

  • fix(PostsServices) :

    • Removed test on sha : sync all posts

    • Convert asciidoc content only if content has changed

    • Fix url on share links

    • Add a .last-sha file to force github to update site

  • fix(ascidoctor): applyScripts only if content change, fix firefox and chrome beta


  • Initial import