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Ruby API v3 Client files and sample apps

  • API version: v3
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.RubyClientCodegen


See the Hubspot API docs.


gem 'hubspot-api-client'

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following code:

# Load the gem
require 'hubspot-api-client'

# Setup client
client = 'your_access_token')

# Get contacts
contacts = client.crm.contacts.basic_api.get_page


Hapikey support:

Please, note that hapikey is no longer supported after v13.1.0. You can get more info about hapikey sunset here. Also, plese, visit a migration guide if you need help with a migration process.

Get all:

get_all method is available for all major objects (Companies, Contacts, Deals, LineItems, Products, Quotes & Tickets) and works like

client = 'your_oauth2_access_token')
all_contacts = client.crm.contacts.basic_api.get_all

You'll need to create a private app to get your access token or you can obtain OAuth2 access token.

Please note that pagination is used under the hood to get all results.

Crm Object Schemas client usage:


client = 'your_oauth2_access_token')

labels = {
  singular: 'My object',
  plural: 'My objects'

option = {
  label: 'Option A',
  value: 'A',
  description: 'Choice number one',
  display_order: 1,
  hidden: false

property = {
  name: 'property001',
  label: 'My object property',
  group_name: 'my_object_information',
  options: [option],
  display_order: 2,
  type: 'enumeration',
  field_type: 'select'

body = {
  labels: labels,
  required_properties: ['property001'],
  searchable_properties: [],
  primary_display_property: 'property001',
  secondary_display_properties: [],
  properties: [property],
  associated_objects: ['CONTACT'],
  name: 'my_object'

api_response = client.crm.schemas.core_api.create(body: body)

Error handling

You can rescue an ApiError by passing a block to the method

require 'hubspot-api-client'

client = 'your_access_token')

contacts = client.crm.contacts.basic_api.get_page { |error| error.message }

You can set number of retry attempts and delay in seconds before retry on specific status code of response.

Available params:

  • max_retries (maximum number of retries)
  • seconds_delay (pause in seconds between retries)
  • passing a block (block that handles errors occured)
require 'hubspot-api-client'

# Set handlers of statuses you want to handle
retry_config = {
  500..530 => { max_retries: 2, seconds_delay: 2 },
  400 => { max_retries: 3, seconds_delay: 3 }

client = 'your_access_token')

contacts = client.crm.contacts.basic_api.get_page(retry: retry_config) { |error| error.code }

Sample apps

Please, take a look at our Sample apps