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tweaks toward more happiness

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1 parent 6e0f972 commit 2217134b6604148ad0fffcafa5d703b500b35b01 @prior prior committed Jul 13, 2012
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@@ -13,10 +13,12 @@ def call(args):
call(['git', 'checkout', 'master'])
call(['cd', 'docs'])
call(['make', 'html'])
-call(['cp', '-R', '_build/html', '/tmp/sanetime_docs_html'])
-call(['cd', '..'])
+call(['rm', '-rf', '/tmp/docs_html'])
+call(['cp', '-R', '_build/html', '/tmp/docs_html'])
+call(['cd', '$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)'])
call(['git', 'checkout', 'gh-pages'])
-call(['cp', '-r', '/tmp/sanetime_docs_html', '.'])
+call(['rm', '-rf', '*'])
+call(['cp', '-R', '/tmp/docs_html/*', '.'])
call(['git', 'add', '.'])
call(['git', 'commit', '-a', '-v'])
call(['git', 'push'])

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