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Global .NET Core tool, which allows to pack .NET Core projects to single executable.

In fact it's just a wrapper around Warp ( and ILLink.Tasks.

Supported environments are same as Warp: win-x64, linux-x64, osx-x64


$ dotnet tool install --global dotnet-warp


Usage: dotnet-warp [arguments] [options]

  ProjectFolder            Project path.

  -l|--link-level <LEVEL>  Optional. Sets link level. Available values: Normal, Aggressive.
  -nc|--no-crossgen        Optional. Disables Cross Gen during publish when linker is enabled. Sometimes required for linker to work. See issue:
  -v|--verbose             Optional. Enables verbose output.


Packs project in current directory to single executable using Warp.

$ dotnet-warp 

Links project before packing using ILLink.Tasks

$ dotnet-warp -l aggressive

Aggressive option sets /p:RootAllApplicationAssemblies=false during publish. More info