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Loads NCAA stats into SQL server using a C# console application
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Loads NCAA stats into SQL server using a C# console application

Simple application that kicks up a PhantomJS browser, navigates to the data source and scraps the data using JQuery. Why JQuery? Because it's WAY easier to parse html with JQuery then it is with the string library in C#.

Once the data is in C#, its easy to load into SQL using SqlBulkCopy. Additionally, this application uses a few SQL merge procedures for loading partial data sets. Data is saved into SQL as it runs to minimize the impact of any errors and crashing while scraping data.

Currently, the application is setup to pull player performance per individual game as far back as the 2009-2010 season. Changing this to pull at the team level will certainly speed up the data pull (a lot less data), feel free to fork the project and let me know how it goes!

Setting up the project:

  • Create a new database and update the connection string in Program.cs
  • Run the file DatabaseScripts.sql against the new database to create the tables and procedures.
  • Run the project!

Quick Note on Screen Scrapping:

The project is currently set up to hit the stats site one request at a time and waits until the request is returned. This works out to be about 5 requests a minute, not fast, but not damaging to their site. Please keep in mind that increasing the speed of the application could harm the server performance for other users and get you in a bit of trouble.

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