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WHMCS v6 Module for HugeServer Resellers!

This is a plugin for WHMCS that integrates with the HugeServer ION. It provides you access to most functions of ION on admin and client portal.


  • Get Server Specification
  • VPN Access for Clients
  • Bandwidth Graph
  • Bandwidth Statics
  • rDNS Control
  • IPMI Console (requires VPN connection)
  • IP Address lists
  • Power Control


  • Download or Git clone the contents of this repository
  • Make sure files are placed on /WHMCS_path/modules/servers/ion/


  • Login to
  • Go to profile page and request new API key
  • Open ./modules/servers/ion/config.php and place your user id and API key splitted
  • Change "Change me" to a encryption key on the config.php
  • You can also change default access list for each client on Array $accessList.
  • Go to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services
  • Select a Product.
  • On the configuration page of the Product there's a tab named "Module Setting"
  • Set ION as module of the Product.

Getting Started!

  • Go to a Client' Products/Services page
  • Choose a Product/Server that you want to assign to a HugeServer Device.
  • Now you can see all of your HugeServer devices on "Server List"
  • Select the appropriate server that you want to assign
  • Save Changes!
  • Make sure to set "Reseller User ID" if you want the client to use VPN. That would need a Reseller User Account to be created manually on ION.
  • You're done!

The module is tested with WHMCS v6, Apache 2.4, PHP 5.4 with Curl and JSON.

If you have any problem using the module please contact us at


WHMCS v6 Module for HugeServer Resellers!



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