Empty screen - problem reading DefaultTiddlers [Renamed from http://aassddff.tiddlyspace.com/present empty screen] #4

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Starting with an existing space aassddff[1], I created a vanilla space, with the help of the mechanism, described at the, deleted space [2].

I enterd the TW [1] and MyMap and DefaultTiddlers tiddlers were created.
I switched to /present, which again rendered an empty screen.

[1] http://aassddff.tiddlyspace.com/tiddlers.wiki
[2] http://deleted.tiddlyspace.com/
[3] http://aassddff.tiddlyspace.com/present


Hi Mario, I've worked out what the cause of this problem is.

The code I wrote to read the content of the DefaultTiddlers tiddler relies
on the tiddlers being links in the HTML representation, i.e. MyTiddler or [[asdf]].

I'll work on fixing this so it has the same behaviour as in TiddlyWiki, but
for now a workaround would be to wrap your tiddler names in double square brackets

I've renamed the issue to reflect this more general problem.


This is now fixed.

Either wait for another TiddlySpace deployment (this evening or tomorrow)
or If you include preso2 in your space navigate to yourspace.tiddlyspace.com/present-dev
and this should hopefully work as expected.

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