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podcheck.t: Is problem if cpan/non-cpan have same NAME

If a module whose upstream is cpan has the same NAME as a module that
isn't, that is a problem that should be warned about, as we shouldn't be
shipping two identically named modules, even if one is not under Perl
core's control.  (If two cpan modules have the same name, it is a
problem as well, but not anything we can do anything about, so warn only
when cpan warnings are enabled.)
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1 parent e08998b commit 44b8cd40028f888cba315a74e0beb8e85c6ec9d1 Karl Williamson committed Sep 22, 2011
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  1. +4 −1 t/porting/podcheck.t
@@ -1475,7 +1475,10 @@ foreach my $filename (@files) {
$checker->set_skip("$prior_filename is a README apparently for $filename");
} elsif ($filename =~ /\breadme\b/i) {
$checker->set_skip("$filename is a README apparently for $prior_filename");
- } elsif (! $do_upstream_cpan && $filename =~ /^cpan/) {
+ } elsif (! $do_upstream_cpan
+ && $filename =~ /^cpan/
+ && $prior_filename =~ /^cpan/)
+ {
$checker->set_skip("CPAN is upstream for $filename");
} else { # Here have two pods with identical names that differ

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