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A minimalistic program to track & visualize study hours
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I just wanted a small tool to help keep me productive and track the numbers of hours I'm studying/being productive. Since everything out there is mostly too complex for my usecase, I decided hey, why not do it myself?

So here is Studyhours:

  1. Open the file to start tracking time
  2. Press the Stop button to stop tracking
  3. The csv file at ./data/studyhours.csv gets updated

You also get a few simple charts to visualize your history on the click of a button!

Current version

I'd call this v0.9 - kind of usable but not totally ready yet, still need to iron out a few things

To do:

  • make avg hour chart actually avg instead of total
  • compile .exe file (so everyone can use it)
  • make it auto-create a ./data/ directory with csv file in it



Please feel free to download & use/modify however you want. If you have any suggestions in regards to code/features, I'm open to advice :)

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