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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 5, 2023. It is now read-only.


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  • Node 10
  • Yarn 1.x or npm
  • SQLite3


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run yarn or npm install installs all required dependencies.
  3. Run node setup.js to create the SQLite3 database at .date/main.db

npm scripts

Equivalent npm run <script> should also work

  • yarn dev will start micro in dev mode using micro-dev
  • yarn start will start micro in production mode on the port defined by PORT environment variable (default 3000)
    • prestart runs setup.js which will the SQLite3 events table if it doesn't exist.
  • yarn reset DANGER will remove and re-initialise the SQLite3 database
  • yarn lint will lint all of the files with xo
  • yarn format will run lint with --fix option on all the examples files (and tests).


On Glitch

This was designed to run on, hence the use of SQLite3.

You can remix it directly from or deploy from this repository/your fork using Glitch's GitHub import feature.


Code is licensed under the MIT License.