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microbundle-ts-pkg: A TypeScript npm package skeleton/starter project with microbundle, node:test and prettier

Comes with:


  • Node 18 (to run this repository, due to node:test usage)
  • npm v7+


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run npm install installs all required dependencies.
  3. Run npm run build to build from TypeScript to common JavaScript distribution formats.
  4. Run npm test to run all tests.

npm scripts

  • npm run test run tests against built output with Node.js' native node:test module. Important: runs against build output so run npm run build beforehand.
  • npm run build run build from TypeScript to UMD, CJS, ESM with microbundle
  • npm run watch runs build in watch mode with microbundle
  • npm run lint will ensure all of the files are prettier-formatted
  • npm run format will run prettier formatting option on all the examples files (and tests).
  • npm run release, run clean, production build and release with np.


This package is maintained by Hugo from Code with Hugo and Alpine.js Weekly.


Special thanks to:


Code is licensed under the MIT License.