[UNMAINTAINED] A logger for Sass.
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Read API documentation.

The idea is to provide some kind of friendly API to log stuff in Sass, including a way to log different type of messages (warnings, errors...). This is obviously mainly aimed at framework and library developers.

Current implementation provides:

  • 5 levels of logging ("DEBUG" "INFO" "WARN" "ERROR" "FATAL");
  • a minimum level at which the logger starts printing;
  • an history of all logs, that can be printed as CSS;
  • a friendly API with easy-to-use functions;
  • a helper to learn more about different levels of logging.

Find a proof of concept on SassMeister. Although note that SassMeister doesn't show @warn but this code would print content in the console in a regular environment.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this.