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[UNMAINTAINED] All you ever wanted to deal with matrices in Sass.
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SassyMatrix Build Status

All you ever wanted to deal with matrices in Sass.

What's in there?

Instanciating matrix

  • matrix($x, $y: $x): create a matrix of $x rows by $y columns filled with 0s
  • unit-matrix($x, $y): create a matrix of $x rows by $y columns filled with 0s except the diagonal which is filled with 1s

Writing in matrix

  • set-entry($matrix, $coords, $value): set $value at $matrix[$coords[1], $coords[2]]
  • set-column($matrix, $index, $column: ()): set $column at $index in $matrix
  • set-row($matrix, $index, $row: ()): set $row at $index in $matrix
  • add-column($matrix, $column: (), $index: null): add $column at $index in $matrix
  • add-row($matrix, $row: (), $index: null): add $row at $index in $matrix

Reading matrix

  • get-entry($matrix, $coords): get entry at $matrix[$coords[1], $coords[2]]
  • get-column($matrix, $index): get column at $index from $matrix
  • get-row($matrix, $index): get row at $index from $matrix

Displaying matrix

  • display($matrix): display matrix

Altering matrix

  • swap-entries($matrix, $e1, $e2): swaps values $e1 and $e2 from $matrix
  • swap-rows($matrix, $r1, $r2): swaps rows $r1 and $r2 from $matrix
  • swap-columns($matrix, $c1, $c2): swaps columns $c1 and $c2 from $matrix
  • transpose($matrix): rotates $matrix around its diagonal
  • add-matrices($matrix1, $matrix2): add $matrix1 and $matrix2

Checking for matrix properties

  • columns($matrix): return number of columns in $matrix
  • rows($matrix): return number of rows in $matrix
  • is-numeric($matrix): check whether $matrix has only numeric values
  • is-square($matrix): check whether $matrix has as many rows as columns
  • is-diagonal($matrix): check whether all values from the main diagonal of $matrix are set while all other values are equal to 0
  • is-lower-triangular($matrix, $flag: null): check whether all value below $matrix diagonal are equal to 0
  • is-upper-triangular($matrix, $flag: null): check whether all value above $matrix diagonal are equal to 0


All you need is a clean version of Sass 3.3. Otherwise it's just pure Sass madness.


You need

  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Sass 3.3 via gem instal sass --pre
  • grunt-cli via npm install -g grunt-cli

How to

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Run npm install
  3. grunt dev
  4. Make your changes + write tests
  5. Commit + Pull request
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