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️️☁️ Salesforce Documenter ~ Beta ☁️

Build Status Maintainability License: MIT marketplace


This extension depends on the official Salesforce Extensions for VSCode for language support.


Salesforce Documenter aims at facilitating properly structured code documentation for Salesforce-related files by automating related tasks such as generating & maintaining File and Method headers.

SFDoc can be adopted as a project-wide and/or team-wide standard, in an effort to encourage, and eventually enforce, proper code documenting.

Through these means, code becomes easier to understand, maintain, and evolve.


  • Add a Method header to any Apex method; generating ApexDoc-compliant tags.

Method Header Demo

  • Add a File header to any Salesforce file (Apex, Visualforce, Aura, LWC, JavaScript).

File Header Demo


Command Description Applies To
SFDoc: Insert Apex Method Header Place cursor on the first line of a method declaration. Insert a method header based on the method's signature. Apex
SFDoc: Insert File Header Insert a file header at the top of the current file, if it doesn't already include one. Apex, Visualforce, HTML, JavaScript


Property Description
SFDoc.username Username that will appear in File and Method headers.
SFDoc.DateFormat The format in which SFDoc will output dates. Needs to include [DD, MM, YYYY] in the desired order and with the desired separator.
SFDoc.FileHeaderProperties Array of properties to be added to the File Headers. Format of entries is : {name: string, defaultValue?: string}.
SFDoc.EnableForApex Enable automatic on-save file header insertion and update for Apex classes.
SFDoc.EnableForVisualforce Enable automatic on-save file header insertion and update for Visualforce pages.
SFDoc.EnableForLightningMarkup Enable automatic on-save file header insertion and update for Lightning Markup files.
SFDoc.EnableForLightningJavascript Enable automatic on-save file header insertion and update for Lightning JavaScript files.
SFDoc.AlwaysUpdateFileHeaderOnSave Specifies whether a file header should always be updated on Save, when one is detected, regardless of the language setting.
SFDoc.IncludParameterTypeInMethodHeader Include Parameters' Type in method header.


VSCode Extension To Produce Various File Header (Comments) for Files Associated with Salesforce




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