Python GUI client that connects to a Citrix XenServer Pool or Host and provides some basic and advanced management capabilities
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Program:  HueXenClient
Version:  1.0
Date:     03/28/2012
Lead Developer:   Humair Ahmed 


Open source software being distributed under GPL license. For more 
information see here: 
Can edit and redistribute code as long as above reference of authorship 
is kept within the code.

Program Description:

Python client that connects to a Citrix XenServer Pool or Host 
and provides some basic and advanced management capabilities.

This application provides basic management utilities to manage VMs
on a XenServer Pool or XenServer Host. Some of these management 
utilities include, shutting down the VM, starting the VM, 
restarting the VM, suspending the VM, resuming the VM, and
taking a snapshot of the VM. Other functionality such as filtering
powered-on VMs by host and changing the master host password are
also provided.

The application can also montor multiple VMs simultaneously via
multiple threads. The network monitoring functionality uses 
the applications own ICMP ping implementation to ping a selected
VM twice around every five seconds. If two consecutive pings are
missed, a snapshot of the VM is automatically taken and the
monitoring is stopped. The network monitoring of the VM can also
be manually stopped at any time.

Open Source Code used:   
The file was used and edited from the open source python 
ping implementaion from jedie / python-ping  which was forked from 
samuel/python-ping. You can find the original code on GitHub. This 
code has been modified to contain everything in the class Ping and 
provide required fucntioality for this app.


Python 2.7.2 was used to write this program. To run this program, 
you will also need to download and link to the XenAPI 6.0 library 
and the Python Pmw megawidgets library.

The program has to be run as root as it creates its own ICMP packets
and sends them out by opening sockets.