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FPEAnalysis is an Independent Reading and Research Project (Fall 2015) by Humam A Alwassel (haa54[at] under Professor David Bindel (bindel[at], Cornell University.

What is FPEAnalysis System?

Floating point error analysis of simple expressions is a standard topic in introductory scientific computing courses. Unfortunately, such analyses can be tedious and error prone. FPEAnalysis (Floating Point Error Analysis) is a system that automates this analysis process using the (1 + delta) model. FPEAnalysis takes in a program and values ranges for each of its variables. The system identifies and reports any critical subexpressions that result in a high relative error in the output. Users can use FPEAnalysis to identify numerical instabilities in their program, and make the necessary rewrites to avoid such instabilities.

Installation, Usage, and Input File Syntax

Read the manuals in the manuals directory

Input File Examples

Check the examples directory