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Human Brain Project

The HBP project is managed by EBRAINS AISBL

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  1. hbp-neuromorphic-client hbp-neuromorphic-client Public

    Python client for the Human Brain Project Neuromorphic Computing Platform

    Python 42 19

  2. openMINDS openMINDS Public archive

    openMINDS comprises a set of metadata models for research products in the field of neuroscience.

    Shell 39 15

  3. neuroglancer-scripts neuroglancer-scripts Public

    Conversion of neuroimaging data for display in Neuroglancer

    Python 26 18

  4. ebrains-neuromorphic-job-queue-api ebrains-neuromorphic-job-queue-api Public

    Code for the remote-access API of the EBRAINS/HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform

    Python 14 8

  5. jsdoc-sphinx jsdoc-sphinx Public

    JSDoc to ReST documentation, ready to be processed by Sphinx Doc

    JavaScript 12 9

  6. seafile-compose seafile-compose Public

    A Docker Compose setup for Seafile

    Dockerfile 10


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