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Frontend client blueprint
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Client blueprint (Angular)


This is a blueprint client written in Angular.


npm libraries

  • List of npm packages used
  • List of npm packages used

Develop this client

  • To build the project: ng build {name-of-module}
  • The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the --prod flag for a production build.
  • To run tests using Karma: ng test {name-of-module}
  • To run end-to-end tests using Protractor: ng e2e {name-of-module}

File structure

The client should follow this file structure

  • /src/lib/components: Components that do not have roots assigned to them.
  • /src/lib/helpers: The client's helper classes.
  • /src/lib/src/pages: Components that have roots assigned to them.
  • /src/lib/src/services: Classes that provide data.
  • /src/lib/src/state: State-related files and data models.
  • /src/lib/styles: Contains styles specific to the client.
  • /src/lib/i18n: Contains styles specific to the client.
  • /src/lib/assets: Contains styles specific to the client.
  • routing.module.ts: Where the client's routes are defined.
  • ngModule: Where components, services, pipes, etc. are defined.


This client connects to the following services:

Document the ways in which this client connects to the service. Methods used, data models used, endpoints used, etc.

API documentation (Compodoc)

Run npm run compodoc to generate Compodoc documentation to the /documentation directory.


Copyright ©2019 Humanitec GmbH.

This code is released under the Humanitec Affero GPL.

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