Short Introductions to basic transformations for humanities data analysis
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Basic Transformations for the Digital Humanities

This is a set of one-page introductions to some of the basic transformations used by digital humanists. It's a bit skeletal at the moment, but the basic idea is to provide 1-page introductions (with, potentially, some citations on the backside) to some of the basic operations a researcher in DH might do at a high level that aims to describe what they do but not necessarily how they work, suitable for handing out in a workshop.

For more on what I mean by a transformation (and how it differs from "algorithm," the normal word here), see Schmidt, Benjamin. “Do Digital Humanists Need to Understand Algorithms?” In Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016, edited by Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein. Univ Of Minnesota Press, 2016.

They were originally created by Ben Schmidt for the workshop Images and Texts in Medical History organized by Virginia Tech at the National Library of Medicine.


Each transformation is a discrete markdown file in the directory transformations. The Makefile compiles these using pandoc into pdf files

Pull requests welcome, forks permitted.


Licensed CC-BY NC.

This is fairly straightforward. The BY part means that if you compile the markdown to something other than PDF, you should include the author's name.