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mod_lua version of the Apache httpd's mod_status using dynamic charts
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mod_lua version of the Apache httpd's mod_status using dynamic charts screenshot

What does it do?

This script is an extended version of the known mod_status statistics page for httpd. It uses the simple Quokka Chart API to visualize many of the elements that are sometimes hard to properly diagnose using plain text information.

Take a look at to see how it works.


  • Apache httpd 2.4.6 or higher
  • mod_lua (with either Lua 5.1, 5.2 or LuaJIT)
  • mod_status loaded (for enabling traffic statistics)


First, install mod_lua (you can enable this during configure time with --enable-lua)

Installing as a handler:

To install it as a handler, add the following to your httpd.conf in the appropriate VirtualHost:

LuaMapHandler ^/server-status$ /path/to/server-status.lua

Installing as a web app:

To install as a plain web-app, enable .lua scripts to be handled by mod_lua, by adding the following to your appropriate VirtualHost configuration:

AddHandler lua-script .lua

Then just put the .lua script somewhere in your document root and visit the page.


There are a few options inside the Lua script that can be set to true or false:

  • show_warning: Whether or not to show a notice that this page is there on purpose.
  • redact_ips: Whether or not to replace the last few bits of every IP with 'x.x'
  • show_modules: Whether to show the list of loaded modules or not
  • show_threads: Whether to show thread details or not.
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