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1.17 -> 2.0:
- jbj: add sr.po (Translation Project).
- devzero2000: fix compiler warning -Wunused-variable
- jbj: use words instead of jargon to increase portability
- jbj: macosx: needs $(INTLLIBS) explictly.
- jbj: autofu: fix: MacPorts uses glibtool/gliboolize. test earlier.
- jbj: i18n: msgmerge (Translation Project).
- devzero2000: Enable many more gcc warnings for popt
Inspired by
but popt can, unlike libselinux now, also detect if
gcc support a compiler flag or not
- devzero2000: Fix move popt.m4 to acinclude.m4
so we can put it under version control
- devzero2000: give some color to
Certainly not so useful but not hurt either.
- jbj: i18n: msgmerge (Translation Project).
- devzero2000: redo commit 8396019
Useless to have format crap just for conforming
to oddball platform
Keep the patch only inside MinGW.
- devzero2000: merge commit fc8836e from git pull request
"Fix more MSVC build warnings"
by asenm (Matt Arsenault). This is the last commit
of this patch series and pull request.
- devzero2000: merge commit aee9f24 from git pull request
"Add makefile for mingw"
by asenm (Matt Arsenault). Include these new object
in EXTRA_DIST ( by devzero2000 (Elia Pinto)
- devzero2000: merge commit 8396019 from git pull request
"Work around missing format for long long in windows; fix warnings"
by asenm (Matt Arsenault)
- devzero2000: merge commit ea2978d from git pull request
"Fix build with MinGW 32/64 + MSVC" by arsenm
(Matt Arsenault)
- devzero2000: fix compiler warning -Wunused-but-set-variable (GCC 4.6)
- devzero2000: redo the autofu vendor-script linker script check for openindiana native
ld, using modern and not deprecated autoconf construct. Even if the check is not perfect
but it is based on a resultant ld warning, on openindiana the result actually work
with gcc and native ld. This patch also fix the build
on openindiana broken by the precedent patch.
- devzero2000: add missing README-prereq
- devzero2000: try to redo the bootstrap check better
- devzero2000: add configmake.h to .gitignore
- devzero2000: document the /etc/popt.d use in popt(3)
- jbj: fix: plug another memory leak related to contiguous argv malloc.
- jbj: fix: plug a memory leak related to contiguous argv malloc.
- devzero2000: fix the configmake.h make rule: update its timestamp also if it don't change.
- devzero2000: revert bad commit: add missing glob.h and fnmatch.h in, add struct sb in poptconfig.c
- devzero2000: Rewrite the logic in poptReadDefaultConfig
for finding the popt alias file
- devzero2000: update .cvsignore
- devzero2000: fix compiler warning [-Wuninitialized]
- jbj: i18n: update po files (Translation Project).
- devzero2000: add version-script linker capability also for openindiana native ld
- devzero2000: add test3 to the unit test, add color-tests automake option
- devzero2000: add tdict to the unit test: augment make check with some tdict tests
- devzero2000: add test2 to the unit test: augment make check with some test2 tests
- devzero2000: fix: add missing automake per target test* LDFLAGS
- devzero2000: require, as in, a minimal automake version for bootstrap
- devzero2000: added --enable-valgrind autoconf option
- devzero2000: Fixed VPATH building with arbitrary directory structure
- devzero2000: some minor fix to autofu and also a minor portability problem on AIX
with the native compiler
- devzero2000: add malloc vodo to
- devzero2000: define build-gcov disabled by default
- devzero2000: fix: make check work again
- jbj: remove llvm warning from s/int/size_t/.
- jbj: bump version to 1.17.DEVEL.
- jbj: tests: test-cases for UNWANTEDARGS (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: wire-up almost all *alloc's with assertions.
- jbj: rename (to shorten) internal con->av[con->ac:con->nav] variables.
- jbj: fix: rescusitate --enable-build-gcov AutoFu.
- jbj: start rewriting/simplifying argv routines.
- jbj: allocate argv array as expected, not contiguously.
- jbj: uncouple popt internals from poptSaveFoo(), use poptSaveArg().
- jbj: return statck under/overflow errors.
- jbj: fix: return POPT_ERROR_UNWANTEDARG with extraneous argument.
- jbj: internalize POPT_OPTION_DEPTH for dynamic re-config.
- jbj: use the RPN calculator with more-or-less dc(1) syntax.
- jbj: wire up a multi-token RPN input stack using opt->argDescrip.
- jbj: change error returns to assert failures for development.
1.16 -> 1.17:
- jbj: add an RPN calculator to do logical and add/subtract operations.
- devzero2000: update to new autofu/automagic. Do make distcheck work.
- test1: fix test 59, libtool/argv[0] conventions differ various platforms.
1.15 -> 1.16:
- release popt-1.16.
- add lv.po, update translations (Translation Project).
- include xcode project files in distributed popt tar ball.
- make distcheck is now squeaky clean.
- permit VPATH builds.
- add shallow tests using ISP/RAS
- prefix bit set routines with popt to avoid symbol coolisions w rpm.
- add tdict.c to exercise popt bit sets against /usr/dict/words.
- add poptBitsArgs() method to generate args bit set.
- add methods for bit set union and intersection.
- permit comma separated attribute lists, handle negated attributes.
- better test for POPT_ARG_BITSET.
- add POPT_ARG_BITSET handling.
- add POPT_ARG_SHORT handling.
- handle all callback traversals within a C switch (for extendability ease).
- add popt.pc.
- devzero2000: add AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to configure. Create build-aux
- devzero2000: del acinclude.m4 : AC_CHECK_VA_COPY is not used
1.14 -> 1.15:
- release popt-1.15.
- rse: fix building under --disable-nls
- rse: fix building under non GLIBC platforms where glob_pattern_p fallback has to be used
- rse: fix building under platforms where FNM_EXTMATCH is not available
- jbj: poptReadFile: permit NULL if return values are not desired.
- jbj: poptReadFile: add routine.
- jbj: trim out escaped newline(s) from file content, other fixes.
- jbj: permit popt alias/exec to include content from a file.
- jbj: permit glob(3) patterns in appName field of popt alias/exec config.
- jbj: add test cases for bit operations and toggles.
- jbj: avoid displaying --[no]nofoo with POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
- jbj: add poptArgInfo() to get argInfo, implementing POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
- jbj: add longOptionStrcmp() to match w POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
- jbj: change singleDash arg to a bit enum, use LF_ISSET(ONEDASH) instead.
- jbj: rework the glob wrappers into something more useful. portability todo++.
- jbj: stub in glob(3) wrappers for popt. more useful poptGlob() API next.
- jbj: add poptInit/poptFini/poptReadConfigFiles/poptSaneFile routines.
- jbj: rewrite poptReadConfigFile(), styling for (i.e. my) readbility.
- jbj: reserve a bit for --[no]opt prefix toggling.
- jbj: fix: check/print argv[0] in --help for NULL.
- jbj: permit type/group bitmasks to be changed (if needed somewhen).
- jbj: snip out 8 unused bits for argument groups.
- jbj: fix: eliminate dead code (CID#5).
- jbj: fix: rearrange code to better hint to coverity scan (CID#9).
- jbj: fix: rewrite (and simplify) strdup_locale_from_utf8() (CID#7, CID#8, CID#11, CID#12).
- jbj: test/use HAVE_SRANDOM to avoid portability issues.
- jbj: fix: remove AC_CHECK_VA_COPY check, va_copy is no longer used.
- jbj: add eo.po and id.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: updated da.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: extend coverage to several additional setup routines.
- jbj: add tests for --usage/--help coverage.
- jbj: add lconv/gcov targets to
- jbj: refactor automagic (*opt->arg) option arg store to poptSaveArg().
- ldv: update INPUT tag in, fix doxygen warnings in popthelp.c.
- start popt-1.15 development.
1.13 -> 1.14:
- release popt-1.14.
- jbj: remove findme.c, add poptint.c, to po/
- jbj: use stpcpy 2 more places (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: add @LTLIBICONV@ when needed (Stanislav Brabec<>).
- jbj: fix: remove the "echo --" Fedorable hack-a-round.
- rsc: updated de.po (not from the Translation Project).
- jbj: study the mess with splint. Sigh, splint is so easily confused ...
- jbj: rewrite findProgramPath & move to popt.c. Nuke the findme.{c,h} toys.
- jbj: use stpcpy several more places (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: enable equal after short option (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: permit "#define POPT_fprintf fprintf" to lose the malloc'ing fprintf.
- jbj: use vasprintf(3) when available (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: study the mess with splint, remove annotations where possible.
- jbj: add -D_GNU_SOURCE for gcc to use __builtin_stpcpy when available.
- jbj: add static inline stpcpy for the deprived.
- jbj: use stpcpy to eliminate sprintf calls everywhere but popthelp.c
- jbj: remove (now unneeded afaik) va_copy() from POPT_fprintf().
- jbj: inline strdup_fprintf() => POPT_fprintf keeping (unneeded?) va_copy.
- rse: fix memcpy(3) based va_copy(3) fallbacks
- jbj: fix: short option with "foo=bar" argument was mishandled.
(Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: rename _ABS to avoid collisions, define DBL_EPSILON if not present
(Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: test for <glob.h>, disable reading directory poptrc files if not.
- jbj: add __attribute__(__unused__) (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: permit equal after short option (Wayne Davison<>).
- jbj: make sure that short options are printed only once with --usage.
- jbj: don't display hidden short options with --usage.
- jbj: updated sv.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: updated {fi,nl}.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: updated th.po (Translation Project).
- rsc: avoid multilib file conflicts in generated doxygen.
- jbj: updated vi.po and zh_CN.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: fix: keep the poptHelpOptions array exactly the same size.
- jbj: updated pl.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: add new fi, th, zh_TW translations (Translation Project).
- jbj: add "make updatepo" to simplify PO file maintenance.
- jbj: display POPT_ARG_ARGV options in --help just like other options.
- jbj: add test for POPT_ARG_ARGV handling.
- jbj: fix: permit "--foo bar" and "--foo=bar" equivalent forms for aliases.
- jbj: fix: tests 20 -> 23 require an explicit '--' arg separator now.
- jbj: popt.3: add POPT_ARG_ARGV description.
- jbj: use NUL terminator to align help with (possible) multibyte chars.
- jbj: add utf8_skip_data table[] to keep track of utf8 character widths.
- jbj: refactor the POPT_WCHAR_HACK into stringDisplayWidth().
- jbj: add POPT_dgettext() prototype.
- jbj: add POPT_dgettext() for popt internal UTF-8 codeset (Takao Fujiwara).
- jbj: add POPT_next_char(), backout POPT_fprintf() usage (for the moment).
- jbj: finish POPT_ARG_ARGV implementation.
- jbj: free aliases/execs with common code.
- jbj: rewrite the callback logic using a switch for simplicity.
- jbj: hide bit field structure behind F_ISSET/LF_ISSET/CBF_ISSET macros.
- jbj: expose poptSaveLongLong and poptSaveString in the loader map.
- jbj: add POPT_ARG_ARGV, starting with the poptSaveString() method.
- jbj: add help for POPT_ARG_LONGLONG.
- jbj: hmmm, POSIXly correct --echo-args needs fixing, disable for now.
- jbj: poptint.h: typedef's for string and string arrays.
- jbj: add POPT_ARG_LONGLONG, and poptSaveLongLong().
- jbj: poptint.h: add poptSubstituteHelpI18N() to bury the ABI hack.
- jbj: start using poptArg and poptArgType() where useful.
- jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArgType define for bitfield type abstraction.
- jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArg union for opt->arg access without casts.
- jbj: include "-- Terminate options" end-of-options msg in poptHelpOptions.
- jbj: opt->argDescrip[0] determines "--foo=bar" or "--foo bar".
- jbj: --long always padded for alignment with/without "-X, ".
- jbj: Display shortName iff printable non-space.
- jbj: POPT_AUTOALIAS: if no popt aliases/execs, don't display the sub-head.
- jbj: add --libdir=/%{_lib} to popt.spec.
- jbj: add .cvsignore to m4 subdirectory.
- jbj: remove duplicate nb locale from ALL_LINGUAS.
- jbj: on linux, add --libdir=/lib (no /lib64 autodetect yet).
1.12 -> 1.13:
- release popt-1.13.
- jbj: add a %track section (as in rpm-5.0) to popt.spec.
- jbj: chg poptGetOptArg() to "char *", document application needs to free.
- jbj: re-add it.po (from Sandro Bonazzola <>).
- jbj: rescuscitate the splint annotations.
- jbj: change sizeof to use the type implicitly, rather than explicitly.
- jbj: remove incorrect casts, changing to size_t where needed.
- jbj: remove unused STD_VFPRINTF macro.
- jbj: reindent (and otherwise diddle) recent patch for popt coding style.
- jbj: remove splint bounds/branch annotations, little gain, much pain.
- jbj: revert alloca usage again again.
- jbj: handle Solaris signed character isspace(3) issues consistently.
- bero: read /etc/popt.d/* files.
- jbj: don't read /etc/popt twice (#290531).
- jbj: isspace(3) has i18n encoding signednesss issues on Solaris (#172393).
- jbj: refactor column cursor to a structure, carry maxcols as well.
- jbj: use TIOCGWINSZ to determine --help column wrapping.
- jbj: help formatting for POPT_ARG_MAINCALL.
- jbj: remove N_(...) markings from popt.h, markers in popthelp.c instead.
- jbj: add zh_CN.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: hotwire POPT_AUTOHELP/POPT_AUTOALIAS lookup in popt i18n domain.
1.11 -> 1.12
- jbj: plug a memory leak.
- jbj: fix index thinko.
- jbj: add vi.po (Translation Project).
- jbj: add nl.po (Translation Project).
1.5 -> 1.6
- add ability to perform callbacks for every, not just first, match.
1.3 -> 1.5
- heavy dose of const's
- poptParseArgvString() now NULL terminates the list
1.2.3 -> 1.3
- added support for single -
- misc bug fixes
- portability improvements
1.2.2 -> 1.2.3
- fixed memset() in help message generation (Dale Hawkins)
- added extern "C" stuff to popt.h for C++ compilers (Dale Hawkins)
- const'ified poptParseArgvString (Jeff Garzik)
1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
- fixed bug in chaind alias happens which seems to have only
affected --triggers in rpm
- added POPT_ARG_VAL
- popt.3 installed by default
1.2 -> 1.2.1
- added POPT_ARG_INTL_DOMAIN (Elliot Lee)
- updated Makefile's to be more GNUish (Elliot Lee)
1.1 -> 1.2
- added popt.3 man page (Robert Lynch)
- don't use mmap anymore (its lack of portability isn't worth the
- added test script
- added support for exec
- removed support for *_POPT_ALIASES env variable -- it was a bad
- reorganized into multiple source files
- added automatic help generation, POPT_AUTOHELP
- added table callbacks
- added table inclusion
- updated man page for new features
- added test scripts
1.0 -> 1.1
- moved to autoconf (Fred Fish)
- added STRERROR replacement (Norbert Warmuth)
- added const keywords (Bruce Perens)