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Humble Style

A humble bootstrap theme.


This is a LESS project using a gulp-based build for development and bower for package management.


  1. Install node.js
  2. Install bower npm install -g bower
  3. Install npm packages npm install in repo root
  4. Install bower packages bower install in repo root
  5. Start gulp ./node_modules/.bin/gulp

The default gulp task starts a development server, runs an initial build, and starts a watch task to continuously compile changes. Once gulp is running, navigate to http://localhost:8080.


  • index.html the main index and driver. This should includes examples of any styles we implement in the same flavor as the Bootstrap examples.
  • /build local development build managed by gulp and ignored in git.
  • /src LESS source lives here. Eventually, we'll want assets and maybe JS.
  • /src/main.less The main less entry point. Right now the project generates a single output file, and all LESS includes are placed here. If we have optional CSS modules in the future, we'll have more than one entry point.
  • /vendor bower packages, included in LESS path.
  • /vendor/bootstrap the bootstrap dependency.
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