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Humsas edited this page Mar 3, 2012 · 56 revisions

For latest commits stream, see


  • Updated to new listeners and config system.
  • Added cooldown to class selection.
  • Now player will not be kicked from lobby on readying up if he is alone in there.
  • Fixed helmet disappearance on class change.
  • New chunk sending to players client.

  • Fixed team balancing in lobby. (Now for real :D)
  • Fixed rewards bug.


  • Fixed wool destroying and placing near points when players are not allowed to do that.
  • Fixed item signs error on bad written sign and now signs gives item from sign written amount.
  • Fixed potion giving after death bug. Also empty bottles now are removed after death.
  • Added potion effects resetting after death and restoring original buffs on leaving the game.
  • Added listener for death event.
  • First attempt for team selecting in the lobby.
  • Some other bug fixes.
  • Kj's team assignment fix. And team balancing after team selection in lobby fix.
  • Visual potion effect bug fix.
  • Added Enchanted items support and now they and potions are available to set in roles, rewards and shops.
  • Now rewards gives potion rewards properly.
  • Added economy money and EXP rewards for players after game.
  • New config options ExpRewardForKillingOneEnemy, EconomyMoneyCostForJoiningArena, DisableKillMessages.
  • Real death in CTP bug fix(it should work).
  • Disabled old configuration updating as it caused a real mess in config file. Sorry for that.

  • Now /ctp b arenalist reloads arena list on call.
  • Added new commands to help.
  • /ctp b findchests now is only usable by admins.
  • Fixed potions bug.
  • Fixed bug with players able to capture points not meant to be captured by their team.


  • New commands /ctp build save, /ctp build findchests and /ctp build restore
  • Rewrote HardArenaRestore to increase speed of restore and decrease resurses usage, also it will fix server crashes.
  • Rewrote HardArenaRestore again, for double restore and non threaded approach.
  • Fixed mySQL load error if player does not use mySQL.
  • New permissions ctp.admin.restore ctp.admin.canModify.
  • Added arena protection(does not allow players who is not playing game to modify arena) for all arenas.
  • Now /ctp build setpoint accepts new optional option to set that teams are not allowed to capture it.
  • New config option ScoreMyltiplier sets how much additional score team can get after capturing all posible points. (min 1)
  • Fixed kjh bug that showed to many teams.
  • Added protection from explosives while EnableHardArenaRestore is disabled.
  • Fixed bug that player was not able to buy items in lobby.


  • Remade arena integrity checking.
  • Now plugin checks only 1 time of ten of player movement.
  • Fixed /ctp reload bugs(new listeners on every reload).
  • Fixed clearSchedule canceling ALL server tasks.
  • Roll-backed block listener endGame Schedule canceling as it was canceling lobby checking.
  • Fixed null pointer errors on onPlayerCommandPreprocess.
  • Fixed healing items bad data on first config init.
  • Now plugin config automatically updates to version 2.
  • Added new option: BalanceTeamsWhenPlayerLeaves as int. It is a threshold to balance players.
  • Added new option: AllowBlockBreak.
  • Players balanced correctly.
    • And fixed spam and recursion error
  • Fixed players getting stuck in lobby if 2 or more were waiting to join after game had started
  • Added additional debug page to view arena config options
  • Fixed debug permissions (sorry!)
  • Role signs now work correctly in-game.
  • Fixed helmet checker
  • Fixed suitable arena handling for useSelectedArenaOnly option


  • Stable Version!(from Humsas - Not :P)
  • Minimum and Maximum players now fully works.
  • Overhauled moving to spawn methods.
  • Changed the way teams are balanced.
  • The debug command has been given even more use.
  • Now looks for signs' line changes in-game and cancels.
  • Added a clear schedule method. Reload now clears the schedule (hopefully will fix lag issues and double event posting).
  • Added hasSuitableArena method to check if it's possible to play with the players.
  • Fixed a lobby bug whereby players that left the lobby weren't removed from it.
  • Changed ready up messages.
  • CTP auto now takes "this" as a worldname to point the plugin to the world the player is in.
  • Reordered methods in the three listeners and CTP main
  • Removed a few unused commands, merged some into CTP main.
  • General formatting


  • Changed rejoin command to latejoin, added new rejoincommand.
    • Rejoin allows players to rejoin if they have left the game before. Late join allows players to join if a game is already ongoing.
  • Added debug command, /ctp debug.


  • Changed config handling so individual arenas have their own configs. ** CaptureSettings.yml will no longer work!**
    • Arena data will not be affected.
  • Custom KillStreak Messages!
  • Fixed HelpCommand for easier pagesnames. Added pages to the build help.
  • More aliases. The big change is "build" can now take "b".
  • Role signs can now be used in-game in format Line 1: Role, Line 2: Price (optional). Line 3 and line 4 empty.
  • Fix for mismatched roles bug. (Players can select a role, then select another and get a mix of both).
  • Cut down on those pesky NPEs.


  • Added checks for the main arena to be playable
  • Made /ctp reload actually work


  • Added resetCooldownOnDeath, fixed cooldown message
  • Made most commands console-safe.
  • Changed joinall's functionality
  • Fixed help derp
  • Fixed /ctp auto
  • Fixed playerData bug
  • Fix for team balancing issues


  • Added in Healing Items
  • Added rejoin command
  • Added permissions for every command
  • Cleaned the plugin.yml


  • Started using GitHub to track and record source code.
  • Two versions were merged together, Humsas's and kjhf's.
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