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Ronin is a procedural graphics tool designed to automate simple graphical tasks, like resizing, cropping, coloring, and generating algorithmic images. It interprets a minimal dialect of LISP, look at the examples to better understand how this all works.

The library updates is constantly revealing new applications to Ronin, you can see the list of available functions here. Most of our iconography and designs were created with both Ronin and Dotgrid.

- Guide:
- Video Tutorial:
- Demos:
- Community:


∷        Toggle Menubar   Tab
∷        Open Theme       ^Shift+O
∷        Reset Theme      ^Backspace
File     New              ^N
File     Save             ^S
File     Export Image     ^E
File     Open             ^U
View     Toggle Guides    ^Shift+H
View     Toggle Commander ^K
View     Expand Commander ^Shift+K
Project  Run              ^Enter
Project  Re-Indent        ^Shift+I
Project  Clean            Escape


Ronin helpers are keywords that facilitates adding coordinates from the canvas into your script. The currently supported helpers are $rect, $pos, $line, $circle & $arc. Holding right-click while using a $helper will run the script as the mouse is injecting coordinates into the script. Paste the following script, and trace a shape in the canvas:

(fill $circle "red")

Additional helpers are also available to change parts of a shape, these are as follow: $x, $y, $xy, $wh, $a & $r. Paste the following script, and change the position and radius of a circle:

  (circle $xy $r) "red")

Extra helpers are available for various transformations, these are as follow: $drag, $view, $poly, $move & $rotate. Paste the following script, and draw the vertices of a line, press escape to stop:

  $poly "red")


To save an image in memory, open an image file with Ronin, or drag an image file on the window. You will then be able to import it by using the file image's name. If the image file is `preview.png`, you can import it as follow:

(import $path 
  (pos 100 100))

(import "preview.jpg" 
  (rect 100 100 400 400))




- (open name ~scale) Imports a graphic file with format.
- (import name ~shape) Imports a graphic file with format.
- (export ~format ~quality) Exports a graphic file with format.
- (files) Returns the list of loaded files.
- (print string) Exports string to file.


- (pos ~x ~y) Returns a position shape.
- (line ax ay bx by) Returns a line shape.
- (size w h) Returns a size shape.
- (rect x y w h) Returns a rect shape.
- (circle cx cy r) Returns a circle shape.
- (ellipse cx cy rx ry) Returns a ellipse shape.
- (arc cx cy r sa ea) Returns an arc shape.
- (poly ...pos) Returns a poly shape.
- (text x y p t ~a ~f) Returns a text shape.
- (svg x y d) Returns a svg shape.

Canvas operations

- (color r g b ~a) Returns a color object.
- (hsl h s l ~a) returns a HSL color object
- (resize ~w) Resizes the canvas to target w and h, returns the rect.
- (rescale ~w ~h) Rescales the canvas to target ratio of w and h, returns the rect.
- (crop ~rect) Crop canvas to rect.
- (copy ~rect) Copy a section of the canvas.
- (paste copy ~rect) Paste a section of the canvas.
- (drag ~rect) Drag a part of the canvas.
- (view a b) View a part of the canvas.
- (pick ~shape) Returns the color of a pixel at pos, or of the average of the pixels in rect.
- (orient ~deg) Orient canvas with angle in degrees.
- (mirror) Mirror canvas, methods: x, y.
- (transform) The transform toolkit, methods push, pop, reset, move, scale, rotate.
- (stroke shape color ~thickness) Strokes a shape.
- (fill ~rect) Fills a shape.
- (clear ~rect) Clears a rect.
- (gradient line ~colors 'black']) Defines a gradient color.
- (guide shape color) Draws a shape on the guide layer.

Pixel operations

- (pixels fn ~q ~rect) 
- (saturation pixel q) Change the saturation of pixels.
- (contrast pixel q) Change the contrast of pixels.
- (brightness pixel q) Change the brightness of pixels.
- (additive pixel q) Condense the data of pixels.
- (multiply pixel q) Change the color balance of pixels.
- (normalize pixel q) Normalize the color of pixels with another color.
- (lum color) Return the luminance of a color.


- (concat ...items) Concat multiple strings.
- (split string char) Split string at character.


- (add ...args) Adds values.
- (sub ...args) Subtracts values.
- (mul ...args) Multiplies values.
- (div ...args) Divides values.
- (mod a b) Returns the modulo of a and b.
- (rad degrees) Convert radians to degrees.
- (deg radians) Convert degrees to radians.
- (clamp val min max) Clamps a value between min and max.
- (step val step) 
- (min) Returns lowest value.
- (max) Returns highest value.
- (ceil) Rounds up to the nearest integer.
- (floor) Rounds down to the nearest integer.
- (round) Rounds to the nearest integer
- (sin) 
- (cos) 
- (log) 
- (pow) 
- (sqrt) Calculate the square root.
- (sq a) Calculate the square.
- (PI) 
- (TWO_PI) 
- (random ...args) 


- (gt a b) Returns true if a is greater than b, else false.
- (lt a b) Returns true if a is less than b, else false.
- (eq a b) Returns true if a is equal to b, else false.
- (and ...args) Returns true if all conditions are true.
- (or a b Returns true if at least one condition is true.
- (not a) Negation. Returns true if a is false. Returns false if a is true. 
- (while fn action) While loop. Execute action for as long as fn is true.

- (let name value)
- (def name value)
- (defn fname ~(...fnparams) ...instructions)
- (λ (...args) ...instructions)
- (if (condition) ...instruction-when-true ~...instruction-when-false)


- (each arr fn) Run a function for each element in a list.
- (map arr fn) Run a function on each element in a list.
- (filter arr fn) Remove from list, when function returns false.
- (reduce arr fn acc) 
- (len item) Returns the length of a list.
- (cons arr ...items) Returns a new array with the items appended.
- (push arr ...items) Appends the items into the existing list.
- (pop arr) Pop the last item from the list and return the item.
- (first arr) Returns the first item of a list.
- (last arr) Returns the last
- (rest [_ ...arr]) Returns all arguments except the first
- (range start end ~step) Returns a list of numbers counting from start to end. Step defaults to 1.

Objects (maps)

- (get item key) Gets an object's parameter with name.
- (set item ...args) Sets an object's parameter with name as value.
- (of h ...keys) Gets object parameters with names.
- (object ...entries) Creates an object with provided entries.
- (keys item) Returns a list of the object's keys
- (values item) Returns a list of the object's values

Convolution filters

- (convolve kernel ~rect) Apply convolution filter with given kernel on an area.
- (blur) Returns the blur kernel.
- (sharpen) Returns the sharpen kernel.
- (edge) Returns the edge kernel.


- (offset a b) Offsets pos a with pos b, returns a.
- (distance a b) Get distance between positions.


- (echo ...args) Print arguments to interface.
- (debug arg) Print arguments to console.
- (time ~rate) Returns timestamp in milliseconds.
- (js) Javascript interop. Returns window object.
- (on event f) Triggers on event.
- (test name a b) Unit test. Checks if a is equal to b, logs results to console.
- (benchmark fn) Logs time taken to execute a function.
- (get-theme) Returns an object with current theme colors. 
- (get-frame) Returns a shape object describing the current canvas.


- Themes:
- Support:
- Pull Requests are welcome!


Ronin's source code is licensed under MIT and the images, text and assets are licensed under BY-NC-SA 4.0. View individual licenses for details.