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HungYuHei's vimrc


1. Backup your original vim files

mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc_backup
mv ~/.vim ~/.vim_backup

2. Check out from github

git clone ~/.vim

3. Link ~/.vimrc

ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

4. Install dependents

######Mac(homebrew) :

brew update
brew install ctags
brew install the_silver_searcher

######Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install ctags
# Install the_silver_searcher, take a look at

5. Fetch submodules

# run this command only if you are using server branch
cd ~/.vim/bundle && git rm --cache ctrlp delimitMate git_vim haml snipmate vim-slim ZoomWin

# you are required to run this commands
cd ~/.vim
git submodule init
git submodule update

That's it, enjoy! please let me know if you have any issues.

Keyboard shortcuts

Please keep your mind that <leader> is set to ,

  • <F7> Toggle NERDTreeFind
  • <F8> Toggle NERDTree
  • <F9> Toggle TagList
  • <F10> Toggle paste mode
  • <leader><leader> Trig EasyMotion (e.g. <leader><leader>w <leader><leader>f etc.)
  • <leader>s Horizontally split window
  • <leader>v Vertically split window
  • Ctrl-[hjkl] Move between windows (left down up right)
  • Ctrl-p Invoke ctrlP (reference: ctrlP homepage)
  • <leader>a :Ag
  • <F5> copy the file's relative path to the clipboard
  • <leader>cp copy the file's absoulte path to the clipboard
  • <leader>V Reselect the text that was just pasted
  • <leader>w Strip all trailing whitespace in the current file
  • <leader>lc Toggle highlight cursor column
  • <leader>ll Toggle highlight cursor line
  • <leader>ms Display 80-column indication
  • <leader>mh Hide 80-column indication
  • <leader>be Toggle BufExplorer
  • <leader>c<space> Toggle NERDCommenter
  • <leader>ig Toggle indent guides

Please reference to the plugin's homepage below to see more shortcuts


  • The NERD tree : A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem
  • vim-surround : Plugin for deleting, changing, and adding "surroundings"
  • BufExplorer : Quickly and easily switch between buffers
  • NERDCommenter : A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes
  • snipMate : TextMate-style snippets for Vim
  • TagList : Provide an overview of the structure of source code files
  • fugitive : A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
  • the_silver_searcher : Vim plugin for the_silver_searcher, 'ag', a replacement for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'
  • rails : Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more
  • delimitMate : Provides auto-balancing and some expansions for parens, quotes, etc.
  • matchit : Extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
  • EasyMotion : Vim motions on speed
  • ctrlP : Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder
  • indentLine : A vim plugin to display the indention levels with thin vertical lines
  • vim-repeat : Enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."
  • Tabular : Vim script for text filtering and alignment
  • zen-coding : A web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow
  • vim-javascript : Provides syntax and indent plugins.
  • vim-coffee-script : CoffeeScript support for vim.