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@@ -56,15 +56,14 @@ please let me know if you have any issues.
* `<F8>` Toggle NERDTree
* `<F9>` Toggle TagList
* `<F10>` Toggle paste mode
-* `<leader><leader>` Trig EasyMotion (for example: `<leader><leader>w` `<leader><leader>f` etc.)
+* `<leader><leader>` Trig EasyMotion (for e.g. `<leader><leader>w` `<leader><leader>f` etc.)
* `<leader>s` Horizontally split window
* `<leader>v` Vertically split window
-* `Ctrl-[hjkl]` Move between windows (left down up right)
+* `Ctrl[hjkl]` Move between windows (left down up right)
* `<leader>a` `:Ack`
* `<leader>v` Reselect the text that was just pasted
* `<leader>W` Strip all trailing whitespace in the current file
-* `<leader>y` Display the contents of the yankring
* `<leader>lc` Toggle highlight cursor column
* `<leader>ll` Toggle highlight cursor line
* `<leader>ms` Display 80-column indication

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