A utility to convert Unreal Engine 4 GVAS configuration files to JSON and back.
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GVAS Converter

A utility for converting UE4 GVAS configuration files (like those used in Astroneer) to JSON and back. This will allow you to modify UE4 config files, to fine tune values, enable "hidden" settings, or whatever your use case might be.

Platform Compatibility

Little-endian UE4 files only. I'm not even sure if UE4 runs on any big-endian system, but if so, this will not support it.

Little-endian systems include but are not limited to: Xbox One, PS4, PC, and iOS

Game Compatibility

This program has been tested with Astroneer. I'm sure it will work with other Unreal Engine games, however. If you encounter a title which this does not support, please submit an issue. The plan is for it to support every UE4 title.