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A No-Bullshit NSP, NSZ, XCI, and XCZ Installer for Nintendo Switch

Awoo Installer Main Menu


  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files and split NSP/XCI files from your SD card
  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files over LAN from tools such as ns-usbloader
  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files over the internet by URL or Google Drive
  • Verifies NCAs by header signature before they're installed
  • Installs and manages the latest signature patches quickly and easily
  • Based on Adubbz Tinfoil
  • Uses XorTroll's Plutonium for a pretty graphical interface
  • Just werks


Because Goldleaf tends to not "Just werk" when installing NSP files. I wanted a free software solution that installs, looks pretty, and doesn't make me rip my hair out whenever I want to put software on my Nintendo Switch. Awoo Installer does exactly that. It installs software. That's about it!

If you want to do other things like manage installed tickets, titles, and user accounts, check out Goldleaf!

Thanks to

  • HookedBehemoth for A LOT of contributions
  • Adubbz and other contributors for Tinfoil
  • XorTroll for Plutonium and Goldleaf
  • blawar (wife beater) and nicoboss for NSZ support
  • The kind folks at the AtlasNX Discuck (or at least some of them)
  • The also kind folks at the RetroNX Discuck
  • namako8982 for the Momiji art
  • TheXzoron for being a baka
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