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@Huntereb Huntereb released this Nov 18, 2019 · 67 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • NCA verification
    • Contents of files you attempt to install are now checked for authenticity
    • If a file is detected as modified, Awoo Installer will alert you of the risks
    • "Modified" contents might include cartridge image repacks, DLC unlockers, mods, and malware
    • Make sure if you're installing modified files that you verify that their source is trustworthy!
  • "Boost mode" during installations
    • Increase install speeds by enabling Nintendo's "boost mode" when installing software
    • Disabled by default
  • Google Drive support by file ID
    • Software can be installed directly from Google Drive by entering a public link's file ID into Awoo Installer
    • This feature can be found by pressing Y on the Network Installation page, and selecting "Google Drive"
    • More services may be implemented in the future
  • Change the fat Awoos to whatever you want
    • Images can be placed in /switch/Awoo-Installer
    • "awoo_main.png" for the main menu, and "awoo_inst.png" for the install page
  • Removed SX OS license.dat check
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

What's next?

A lot of new and useful features are on the horizon for Awoo Installer! @HookedBehemoth is working on a lot of impressive new features, and of course I'll be messing around a little whenever I see fit. Stick around and keep an eye out for any info on what's coming up! Oh yeah, and please submit any issues or feature requests you might want to see in an upcoming release!

Compiled with switchbrew/libnx@170942a.

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