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Yet another URL Router for iOS.
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Yet another URL Router for iOS. Clean, Fast & Flexible. Inspired by ABRouter & Routable iOS.


Warm Up

Map URL patterns to viewController. Better in AppDelegate.

[[HHRouter shared] map:@"/user/:userId/" toControllerClass:[UserViewController class]];

Exciting Time

Get viewController instance from URL. Params will be parsed automatically.

UIViewController *viewController = [[HHRouter shared] matchController:@"/user/1/"];
XCTAssertEqualObjects([viewController class], [UserViewController class]);
XCTAssertEqualObjects(viewController.params[@"route"], @"/user/1/");
XCTAssertEqualObjects(viewController.params[@"userId"], @"1");

URL Query Params

URL Query Params is also supported, which will make things VERY flexible.

UIViewController *viewController = [[HHRouter shared] matchController:@"/user/1/?tabIndex=3"];
XCTAssertEqualObjects(viewController.params[@"tabIndex"], @"3");

One More Thing

If your app has defined some URL schemes, HHRouter will know.

UIViewController *viewController = [[HHRouter shared] matchController:@"hhrouter://user/1/"];
XCTAssertEqualObjects([viewController class], [UserViewController class]);



pod 'HHRouter', '~> 0.1.8'
#import <HHRouter/HHRouter.h>

If you're not able to use CocoaPods, please install HHRouter as a git submodule and add the files to your Xcode project.

We're Hiring!


Who use HHRouter?

If you're building your applications using HHRouter, please let me know! (add your application name & App Store link here and pull reuqest this README.


HHRouter is available under the MIT license.

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