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Hupotronic opened pull request MayhemYDG/4chan-x#1603
Use childNodes[2] for finding file resolution
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    Use childNodes[2] for finding file resolution
Hupotronic created repository Hupotronic/kit-walker
Hupotronic commented on issue isra17/popcorn-app#12

That's most likely because node-webkit used was not compiled with support for AC3/DTS audio. As I said above, simply enabling these decoders when b…

Hupotronic commented on issue isra17/popcorn-app#12

Last I checked Chrome (and I think Chromium) actually plays MKVs too - it certainly has the capability for demuxing Matroska files since WebM is ba…

Hupotronic commented on issue isra17/popcorn-app#12

Also relevant (not made by me, but demonstrates the issue with YIFY quite well):

Don't use YIFY
Conflic with 4chan x (Seaweedchan's fork) and exlinks
Hupotronic commented on issue Hupotronic/ExLinks#43

This is something that should be fixed on seaweed's end. Other 4chan X forks have already done it (see ihavenoface/4chan-x#276 and zixaphir/appchan…

infinite scrolling 4chan x
Hupotronic commented on issue Hupotronic/ExLinks#39

Should work on 2.2.3.

Hupotronic commented on issue Hupotronic/ExLinks#42

Make sure all your stuff is up to date and then do this:

Links not converting into names and nothing happens when I hover over them
Hupotronic commented on issue zixaphir/appchan-x#498

Though ExLinks is theoretically broken with vanilla 4chan Nope, 2.2.3 works just fine with vanilla 4chan. I'm not going to add compatibility cod…

2.2.1 Still has issues with appchan-x 2.6.4
Hupotronic commented on issue Hupotronic/ExLinks#41

Take it up with appchan authors, then. The most likely issue is that the file info element doesn't have the class file-info like it does on Mayhem'…

ExLinks not fully converting links
Gallery preview
Hupotronic commented on issue Hupotronic/ExLinks#35

You should see if it works in 2.2.1, it doesn't rely on 4chan X APIs anymore.

2.2.0 Conflicts with new appchan-x update
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