Blacksmith Character for Citizens
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Blacksmith Citizens2 Trait

Backed by Citizens2

Get Latest Build Jenkins

Major Builds Github Releases


  • Install Citizens2
  • Get The Latest Major Build
  • Add to Plugins Folder
  • Restart Server
  • Success

if this isnt working for you, please try the latest build! and please open an Issue


Note: These names are the internal names.

  • Config Values:
  • BASE_PRICE = The Basis Price Added to Any Other Price
  • PRICE_PER_DURABILITY_POINT = Price added to Full Price per Durability point
  • BUSY_WITH_PLAYER_MESSAGE = Message to Display if already Busy with another Player
  • BUSY_WITH_REFORGE_MESSAGE = Message to Display if Currently Reforging Item of Player
    • [Ignored if DISABLED_COOLDOWN = true]
  • COOLDOWN_UNEXPIRED_MESSAGE = Message to Display if internal Cooldown = 0
  • COST_MESSAGE = Message to Display to Show Cost
    • <price> gets replaced with the price
    • <item> gets replaced with the Item
    • <MaxDurability> gets replaced with the Items Max Durabilty
    • <Durability gets replaced with the Items Current Durability
  • DISABLE_COOLDOWN = true if REFORGE_COOLDOWN shoud be Disabled
  • DISABLE_DELAY true if Min and Max -_Reforge_DELAY soud be Ignored
  • ENCHANTMENT_MODIFIER = Price Added Per Enchantment Level
  • FAIL_CHANCE = Chance to Fail
  • FAIL_MESSAGE = Message to Display if Failed
  • INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_MESSAGE = Message to Display if not Enought
    • <price> gets replaced with Price
    • <currentfounds> gets replaced with Current Player Founds
  • INVALID_ITEM_MESSAGE = Message to Display if Item is not Valid
  • ITEM_UNEXPECTEDLY_CHANGED_MESSAGE = Error Message, gets send if the Item changed while init!
  • EXTRA_ENCHANTMENT_CHANCE = Chance to Add a New Enchantment
  • MAX_ENCHANTMENTS = Max Enchantments befor unable to Reforge
  • MAX_REFORGE_DELAY = Maximum Reforge Delay
    • [Ignored if DISABLED_COOLDOWN = true]
  • MIN_REFORGE_DELAY = Minimum Reforge Delay
    • [Ignored if DISABLED_COOLDOWN = true]
  • REFORGE_COOLDOWN = Cooldown befor able to Reforge item of SAME player again
    • [Ingored if DISABLED_COOLDOWN = true]
  • START_REFORGE_MESSAGE = Message to Display on Starting Reforge
  • SUCCESS_MESSAGE = Message to Display on Succes
  • DROP_ITEM = If true, Drops the Item. Else, Gives to Player.
    • [Ignored if DISABLE_COOLDOWN is true]
  • ENABLE_INSTANT = if true, enables shift + rightclick for instant buying