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Live updates are being made to the google docs: * * * * *Add your new collaborative page here: (did I miss any?)


Current solution: Useing Flask, Requests and BeautifulSoup to parse the GoogleDocs. Then applying a caching system so we ain't parsing the page upon every request.

Old info below:


Builds the website from django templates. Uses the django template system to create static files for the website. This allows easy inclusion of common content, but removes the need for (e.g.) PHP includes that don't really do anything dynamic.

Build Requirements: =================== -Python 2.6 (or above): -Django: -Apache (or another http server):

Build Instructions:

You can build the website for all languages, by doing: $ python


Without push access to repository: *fork from *submit a pull request *try not to edit code on the server directly, it is better to git clone to a local directory and then push back up to github before doing a git pull from github --> server (iniated by git pull command on the server).

With push access to repository: PM @samthetechie on irc or DM/@ on twitter.


1st time: $ ssh $ cd /var/www $ sudo su (needed for writing to the apache directory depending on your configuration) $ git clone $ python

updating: $ ssh $ cd /var/www $ sudo su (needed for writing to the apache directory depending on your configuration) $ git pull $ python

.djt Template Code Examples

for loop demo

strings: {# note: not iteritems(); django does this automatically #}

{% for k, v in strings.iteritems %} {{k}} = {{v}} {% endfor %}

accessing "deep" variables directly

{{strings.key1}} {% endblock %}

Known Bugs:

jQuery bug stops the FAQ box from expanding Horrible inline style in certain divs. Any css tweaks welcome :)