Hardware and Software Development for Team 3061's Huskie Board
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Eagle CAD
propeller firmware


The Huskie Board


The Huskie Board, designed by Team 3061, is an FRC qualified expansion board for the NI roboRIO robotics controller. In addition to breaking out all available signals on the MXP expansion port, this board uses a Parallax Propeller chip (8 symmetrical logical cores with shared memory and peripheral access) to enable tasks such as advanced data logging, on-field driver control and status, and NeoPixel control. Additional GPIO and analog inputs are added with open source code to allow further customization.


The Huskie Board's firmware is stored on a 32 KB Flash chip. It can be upgraded over USB, and teams are welcome to load their own firmware. All Huskie Board firmware is stored in the propeller firmware/ directory.

roboRIO software

The LabView firmware is available in the LabView/LabVIEW API/ directory. This includes examples in the Examples/ folder, and the API source code in the Huskie Board/ folder. See install.txt for more information.

Currently, the roboRIO API is only available for labview, though we hope to port it for C++ and Java soon.


The Huskie Board was designed in Eagle CAD, and sources are available in Eagle CAD/projects/HuskieBoard/.